The Empanada Quest: El Banco Rojo

I'm going on another empanada quest, a search across the country to find the best empanadas Argentina has to offer. Even though empanadas


La Crespo’s Latkes Recipe

It's essential to celebrate Hanukkah (Janucá) in Argentina with a batch of crispy potato latkes. My favorite Argentine-Jewish mother,


A Chori a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

It's a genius concept. You take the choripán, Argentina's most iconic street food, and chef it up to make each component shine. I'm talking


A Guide to the Argentine Asado

This article originally appeared in Lucky Peach Magazine.  If where there’s smoke there’s fire, then in Argentina, where there’s fire,


The Empanada Tour of Salta

What does one do when in Salta? I have two words for you... EMPANADAS SALTEÑAS. I had an ambitious plan for my day in Salta: an empanada