Kimchee at Bi Won

Walk down a deserted street in Congreso, and you will find a small wooden sign written in Korean. This was my second trip to BiWon and much tastier than I remembered. Greeted with complimentary pickled goodness kimchee and about 9 other small bowls like sugary tiny fishies, pickled vegetables, tofu, eggplant and all around spices, sweets, spicies and sours.

The place isn’t cheap. And although it comes with all the small plates, the menu does stipulate that there will be a 15 peso charge (not sure if this is per person or per table) if the number of dishes do not match the number of eaters. We decided to not follow this rule, wing it, see what would happen.

We ordered bulgogi, marinated beef and another type of marinated pork. Unlike other Korean restaurants where you cook the meat yourself on built-in table grills, the griddle is brought out by the server and he cooks it for you tableside.  

The marinated pork was by far my favorite, both spicy and sweet, ask them to overcook it if you’re a stickler for those burnt little morsels of heaven.

It’s very difficult to go to a Korean restaurant and not order Bi Bim Bop. It came out sizzling on cooked in a hot stone bowl, and while it’s not exactly like the Korean rice, vegetable and runny egg wonderbowl I imagined, it still tasted pretty darn good.

In one of the small dishes I found a MATCH (yes, a MATCHSTICK). Luckily I didn’t actually ingest it, I kept on eating it anyway – I ain’t gunna let no match stop me! They didn’t charge the extra person fee.




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