Bereber Moroccan Restaurant

When I first arrived to Argentina, I used to regular Bereber (Armenia 1880) in Palermo as I was a big fan of the lunch menu – interesting sandwiches, appetizers, salad-like side dishes, inventive drinks, and really inviting northern African ambiance. In the past few years, I have attempted to return for lunch but have found that they no longer serve lunch. Luckily, I was in the neighborhood one night..

Started with an order of Briouats – philo dough triangles stuffed with goat cheese and walnuts served with a tomato sauce(AR$27). Pretty good, but a little pricey for the size.

Sdar shawar – sauteed chicken with an assortment of Bereber salads – basically just cilantro flavored red peppers, cabbage, sesame/tahini flavored yogurt sauce, the tomato sauce from the other appetizer, and then something sweet. The chicken had an overpowering cumin/nutmeggy flavor…I wasn’t a huge fan (about AR$50).

Mechoui – braised lamb with cumin, paprika, and onion with fried sweet potatoes and labne, orange and date dressing. The lamb was really good – tender, perfectly cooked (about AR$60).

I ordered the Cous Cous Rey, lamb from Patagonia served with honey, raisins, and chick peas. The lamb was well seasoned and marinated – a bit too sweet for my taste, but still delicious (about AR$55).
Overall I love the decoration and the space – the food is a bit pricey and not as good as I remember… I would still go back for maybe some drinks (AR$17-AR$25) and to share an appetizer and entree.

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4 Responses to Bereber Moroccan Restaurant

  1. This Moroccan restaurant seems like a great place to dine. The photos are nice.

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