Chicken Club Sandwich, with real bacon

I have kept my secret long enough, and it is time to share… The Jumbo Supermarket in Palermo has bacon. Real bacon, not the prosciutto imitation bullshit.  As a nice non-religious Jewish girl, out of habit, I steer clear of pork.  But who can resist a crispy, salty, strip of deliciousness? Especially inside a tasty triple-decker club sandwich?

I had a shit ton of left over chicken from my midnight roasting session to use up.

Instead of serving it cold, I decided to throw it in a saute pan to make crispy – note I didn’t use any oil… just cooking spray and popped the lid on top of the pan to prevent to much smoke.  After about 7 minutes, I mixed the pieces around and cooked on the other side.

The idea is to brown, not burn.  If you are a major fatty, you could first cook the bacon, and then use the bacon oil for the chicken.

On to the good stuff, 250 grams of Campo Austral bacon costs about 11 pesos. I’m no bacon expert, so this did the trick.. although I have had thicker, crispier cuts before.  I probably could ask the deli guy for thicker slices, but it is pre-sliced, and I’m a pussy.

With some homemade roasted red pepper mayo, and a bit of mustard, I was quite happy with the results!

– Lettuce
– Tomatoes
– Thinly sliced radishes
– Whole wheat bread – I know Fargo isn’t REAL whole wheat, I didn’t have many options, but like their “Tipo Casero”  because it is soft and doesn’t taste like chemicals
– Bacon
– Grilled chicken
– Roasted Red Pepper
– Low fat mayo
– Dijonaise


1. Grilled chicken, set aside.  Fry bacon until crispy, burn your mouth on the pieces you eat, set aside.
2. While the grilling frying fun is happening, wash vegetables – slice the tomato and radish thinly
3. Lightly toast the bread
4. Once all components are ready, start stackin’! Bread, RR mayo, lettuce, bacon (in that order).  Then, bread, RR mayo, radish, chicken.  Finally bread, RR mayo, bacon, tomato, radish, bread. Done!

**For roasted red pepper mayo: roast a pepper, then chop it up and mix with mayo and dijonaise




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    That’s not all Jumbo’s got. Found a row of Paul Newman’s chunky salsa there a couple of days ago and bought 6 jars … you never know when it will show up again.

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