Welcome to Barrio Yanqui

Photo from Benihana’s Facebook page

McDonalds, TGIFridays, Benihana and Starbucks – just missing a Hooters and Subway, then Yankie Town would be all set!

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7 Responses to Welcome to Barrio Yanqui

  1. Has anyone actually eaten at Benihana? I’m curious about it. Mainly what the seafood is like, if they offer it.

  2. LIDIA says:

    It’s horribly true.
    Yankiland is among us.
    Well, it’s always possible to ignore it.

    Interesting blog. Very informative.

  3. Ries says:

    I have had my departmento a block from these places for 3 years now, and have never darkened the doorway of any of them.
    It is quite possible, within a few hundred meters of these cruddy showplaces, to eat much better food, more authentic, cheaper.
    El SanJuanino for empanadas and locro, El Farmacia on Charcas for a nice dinner, Victoria Creme two blocks down Coronel Diaz for a bit of gelato, El Nuevo Gata Allegria on Billinghurst for a tarta as big as your head featuring both pumpkin and chicken, or pick up some fresh pasta and scarpino at La Juvenil, right across from Alto Palermo on Santa Fe.
    Down on Charcas and Guise, Lo de las Chicas is as opposite to Benihana as you can get, a couple of local aunties who homecook 40 different dishes every night for you to take home and eat like a porteno.
    There are also plenty of decent small Parillas, empanada to go places, pizza (of course) and lots more.

    In short, this neighborhood, while hosting the obvious infiltration of corporate food, also still has the true soul of Buenos Aires- tiny neighborhood food places with great food.

    Dont believe the hype.

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  6. oliviaamter says:

    And the Subway now exists! I have to admit its cheap and satisfying in whatever country it graces.

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