Melão: A Culinary Recorrido del Mundo

Thanks to one tiny 6 table Villa Crespo restaurant, ethnic food in Buenos Aires has just been taking to a new level. At Melão (Castillo 52), diners get the chance to sample dishes from countries like Cuba, Vietnam, Jamaica, India, Ireland, Mexico, Madagascar, just to name a few. Argentines, known for not being the most adventurous of eaters, are able to break out of their culinary comfort zones to try cuisines from around the world.

Curry & Callaloo (Jamaica): Seafood, curry, coconut, rice and beans, fried plantains, quimombó, and a grilled jumbo shrimp AR$40

In this open kitchen, hungry customers work up an appetite while watching the talented chefs cook up a storm of wordly dishes that actually contain spices other than salt and pepper. Chef and owner Yilán Gil Guzmán works her magic in the kitchen, the front of the house serving and chatting with diners, and answering phones.

Irish Gaelic Steak (Ireland, duh): Beef with mushrooms, cream and whisky. Sides of potatoes and other unknown deliciousness AR$38

It is difficult to make a decision what to order because there are so many things on the menu, and each with a unique flair.  With the help from GuiaOleo recommendations, I opted for the two dishes shown above.  Good choices. While extremely rich, the food was fantastic. Some might be turned off by the thought of mixing cream, whisky, seafood and curry  – but I can tell you that all of those flavors were happily dancin’ around in my belly screaming “hooray! hooray!”   While you will probably leave with your clothes reeking as if they were battered and deep-fried, sprinkled with exotic spices, it doesn’t make a difference after an overall pleasant experience.

It’s important to note that Melão also delivers!  Mostly to Villa Crespo, Almagro and sections of Palermo… it doesn’t hurt to ask if you live outside the zone, they are happy to bring it to your doorstep for an extra charge. If you decide to go there and watch the chefs in action yourself, it’s highly recommended to call ahead and reserve, as there are only a few tables available.




  1. tom says

    Went the other night. Food was great (chicken mole) but the temp in the restaurant was about 125° F. I recommend going but on a cool night.

  2. says

    I had the most amazing meal at Melao last night: wonderful arepas, a gorgeous brazilian fish stew and a delicious mint creme soaked in chocolate. My partner’s Basque stew was phenomenal as well and the cocktails are to die for. The homey feeling is unlike anything I’ve experienced in Buenos Aires. Such a treat.


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