Veggie’s Deli & Gourmet Natural

Over the past 4 years that I’ve been living in Buenos Aires, I have probably ordered delivery more than all my other years combined, earning the title of a true couch potato.  Thanks to Buenos Aires Delivery, I have expanded my delivery menu stack of mostly bad sushi and pizza/empanadas, and I am able to spend countless hours procastinating my life away, studying the menus (menu reading is, in fact, one of my hobbies) that have been uploaded to the site, checking out which restaurants deliver to my barrio. Veggie’s Deli seemed like the perfect option in my attempt to limit my pizza intake to one time per week.

Veggie’s Deli (Baez 504) is a fairly new vegetarian restaurant in Las Cañitas specializing in both lunch and dinner take away items.  The menu consists of salads, sandwiches, tartines, tartas, and other healthy-ish house specialties.

Cous-cous Natural (AR$22): Brunoise of vegetables, raisins and "castañas" (not sure if this meant chesnuts or nuts, didn't matter bc it didn't have either)

Grilled Vegetable Side (AR$12): Carrot, pumpkin, onion, peppers, tomato

First, the good news… it is the only vegetarian restaurant I know of that will deliver both in the afternoon and at night, a mighty rarity in BsAs, so a great option to have available.  But while I really wanted this place as my new GO-TO delivery, the bad news is that I could have easily made the same food myself maybe even a bit better and a lot cheaper (well, good news for me, I can cook).

The cous-cous was pretty standard, but lacked major flavor.. maybe that’s why it’s called “cous-cous natural.”  Duh. The grilled vegetables had some seasonings on top, and a random twig (you can see in the bottom lefthand corner of the photo, what herb did that twig come from??) but for the most part pretty one note… I’m stealing Top Chef critique words, and yes I realized I ordered grilled vegetables so I should expect them to be bland.  I thought the dish was much tastier when I combined the two, and added my own dressing.

Cous-Cous Natural & Grilled Vegetables in a Tangy Balsamic Dressing

A few weeks later, I gave it a second chance and ordered the Sepia Salad and Guisado del Campo off the chef’s speciality menu.  The brown rice in the Sepia tasted like rubber, not cool.  The Guisado del campo was a hearty stew filled with lentils, vegetables, smoked cheese, and croutons.  The crouton wasn’t necesarry, but I liked the rest once I added a big fat kick of spice.

So, overall, good place if you live in the delivery zone and are too lazy to get off your lard butt to cook and don’t want to feel guilty ordering another fatty pizza.  Knowing my lazy self, I will order again, next time skipping the salad and trying a speciality dish or sandwich.




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