‘Tis the Season… for produce

Fresh strawberries, 4 pesos 1/4 kilo, Chino/Peruvian verduleria on Santa Fe y Carranza

For some, the beginning of spring means lush green leaves, buds sprouting, flowers in bloom, sunny blue skies, warm weather, yadda yadda yadda.  For me, like any fat kid at heart, it has something related to food – fruit and vegetable season! Even though there is technically one more month of winter left, good quality, in season produce is starting to make it’s appearance at the local Bolivian, Chino, Peruvian, or insert other nationality here.

What’s the best produce for springtime? Here is a list of some of what is in season… also, shopping at El Galpon or another online fruit and vegetable shop will usually have a limited selection of just the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Fruits: Frutilla (strawberry), Ananá o Piña (pineapples), Limón (lemon), Manzana (apple), Naranja (organge), Palta (avocado, yes it is a FRUIT).

Veggies: Acelga (swiss chard), Apio (celery man), Alcaucil (artichoke), Arvejas (peas), Habas (broad beans?), Lechuga (lettuce), Nabo (turnip), Perejil (parsley), Puerro (leek), Remolacha (beets), Zapallito (squash).




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    San Telmo! I’m off to check out Barrio Chino (I prefer the asian grocery stores to San Telmo markets) and hopefully will be able to find a good spread…

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