Spicy Grilled Vegetable Taco

Healthy, easy meals using fresh in season vegetables, whole grains, and protein.  I hate veg freaks who use their “healthy” preachy selves pushing the agenda to eat food that’s good for you in order to live a long and happy life….  but that’s exactly what my hypocritical self is gunna do. What’s not shown in the picture is the package of pepino cookies and snickers bar I devoured seconds later… anyway, this is what I’ve been eating all week.

I went to one of my favorite vegetables guys, who’s from Peru, and asked him what kind of spice he has for me.  He proceeded to rummage through what appeared to be old boxes in the back, and coming out with the motherload.  A box filled with spicy peppers.  He picked out a bright red one and massaged it profusely.. is he trying to turn me on? He explained that rubbing it will make it spicier, could be true, could be full of shit. I didn’t really care.


– Tortillas – Bimbo is naush, pero es lo que hay.  Casa China in Barrio China has imported whole wheat tortillas
– Grilled veggies: Sliced green and yellow peppers, red onion (spiced with taco seasoning from Jumbo)
– Spicy pepper
– Lettuce, tomato, parsley
Perfectly cooked brown rice
– Lentils
– Burntish cheese
Homemade Ranch dressing


1. Make the most perfectly cooked brown rice.

2. While rice is cooking, cut up veggies in thin slices, grill on stovetop pan sprinkling with taco seasoning. Once cooked, transfer to a plate for later.  Start washing and cutting up lettuce, tomato, parsley and spicy pepper.

3. Once rice is almost ready, warm a tortilla on the same pan as you cooked the veggies, flip over once warm.  If there is space on the pan, throw some cheese directly on the pan to melt.  I like it semi burnt, so once it is crispy, I scrape it and add it to the veggie plate.

4. Begin to assemble the taco-ish wrap.  Careful not to overload it otherwise it will fall apart.  Stuff with cheese, lentils, rice, hot peppers, grilled veggies, lettuce tomato and top with ranch dressing.  Bimbo tortillas are quite small so I usually need to make 2 or 3, or 4 or 5.




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