Product of the Day: Ades Soy Milk

Did you know Argentina is the 3rd largest producer of soy beans, yet there is only one brand of imitation soy milk offered?  Ades, a company that makes soy based mostly liquid cavity juices, produces a “natural” flavor that is somewhat comparable to soy milk, kinda.. sorta. It takes some getting used to, but after a few years on Ades I prefer it to regular bagged or long-life shelved milk.  Starbucks even uses this brand as the soy milk option.  Ades can be found at most large supermarkets, and even small Chino markets in the juice aisle.




  1. Michelle says

    I never could get use to Ades; it’s so watery and sweet. I miss Silk Soy..vanilla, chocolate, yogurt… Anyway, Casa China (Arribeños 2173) has what seems to be home-made soy milk and at times I’ve even found peanut milk. They’re both pretty good but must be consume within days. It doesn’t have preservatives, so it goes bad pretty fast.

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