Argentina’s Top Ham-Flavored Snacks

Twistos: Jamón Ibérico

In celebration of the High Holidays why not scarf down loads of ham-flavored goodies?  Ring in the sweet Jewish New Year with salty, porky, non-kosher treats. Damn, this country loves hammy snacks. Here’s a list of my faves…

Lays Mediterraneas: Jamón Serrano

Saladix Snacks: Jamón

Rex stuffed with Jamon Serrano

Mani Japones con Jamon

Dip it all in the Queso Crema Finlandia Jamón y Parmesano, at least it's light!

שנה טובה

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8 Responses to Argentina’s Top Ham-Flavored Snacks

  1. Pearl says:

    LOVED this!!

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  4. Comparto el primer puesto, pero en 2ndo lugar pondria el Mani Japones.

  5. oh god … rex STUFFED with ham? love this post.

  6. jorchet says:

    Lays Jamon Serrano!!!! +1 And for me, instead of Finlandia, give me some Tholem Jamon de la Sierra

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