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Barrio Chino has tons of restaurants to choose from.  Some good, some bad, some with chicken feet displayed in the window, and others with empanadas and milanesas on the menu.  Hong Kong Style offers a huge variety of the greasy Chinese food persuasion that I hold so dear to my heart. The menu includes pages and pages of endless options of rice, vegetable, noodle, meat and seafood dishes, and even a separate Dim Sum menu. It’s the best Chinese food in Barrio Chino, if not all of Buenos Aires.

Chinese food in Buenos Aires (for the most part) kinda totally majorly sucks.  Odd tasting sauces, strange hot pink sweet and sour goo, cheap soy sauce, and mouth numbing MSG.

Crystal Shrimp Dumplings Dim Sum- perfectly cooked shrimp inside!

Beef with Chinese Vegetables (Bok Choy) – A bit oily, not crazy about the sauce.. weird and gloopy. Not a good order.

Kung Pao Chicken- George Likes His Chicken Spicy, and so did I.

Shrimp Fried Noodles, perfectly cooked shrimp

Overall favorites of the day? Kung Pao chicken and shrimp fried noodles, I attempted to order sweet and sour chicken, but I guess they were all out.  The waiter did warn that the Kung Pao was muy picante – actually, he spotted my tall gringa-ness right away and spoke to me in English…  no matter how hard a try, I’ll always be really white (sigh).  I did get a bit of spice, but next time I’ll ask for more picante.  The shrimps in the fried noodles were surprisingly good as well, al dente bite and not mushy nor veiny with a poop shoot like how most restaurants serve it.


The other must orders: WHOLE fish, soup, and salt n peppa shrimp. Oh, and it’s one of the only places in Buenos Aires that has a small dim sum menu.

Hong Kong Style will remain my top choice for great Chinese food in Barrio Chino.Hong Kong Style

Montañeses 2149, Barrio Chino
Tel. 4786-3456
Mon – Sunday: 8pm – close, Fri – Sunday: 12pm – 3pm
Average price AR$160




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    As a 100% purely certified Chinese person, I will agree that most of the food does not do justice to the food of my culture. However, when you enter barrio Chino, there is a plain looking shop with BBQ duck to the right hanging in the front of the window. I ate there with a friend who is from Singapore and the Braised duck gets the stamp of approval for being authentically Chinese.

    Gung Hey Fat Choi!!!

  2. Brother Louie Louie Louie says

    “No matter how hard a try, I’ll always be really white.” Haha, love it! (George likes spicy chicken).


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