Delhi Darbar, more than just curry powder


In Buenos Aires, Indian food suffers from two major ailments: authenticity and spice.  With only a handful of restaurant options in the city, it can be quite difficult fulfilling that intense Indian food craving.  Many locals inaccurately refer to this exotic food as comida hindú, categorizing the cuisine with anything containing curry powder. At Delhi Darbar (Viamonte 359, Microcentro), homesick expats and Indian food aficionados will find pages of the menu filled with familiar dishes, like Samosas, Tikka Masala,  Chicken Jalfreje, and Naan bread.

With great anticipation, I ventured to Delhi Darbar for an After Office / picada / early dinner (YUP, I ate dinner before 9pm and then tattooed the word GRINGA on my forehead).  This restaurant sees the biggest crowds during the lunch hour – think lots of men in suits – but also re-opens after the midday rush at around 7pm for dinner.

The chef, Noor Mohammed, has over 27 years of experience cooking Indian food, and it showed. Everything I ate was quite good, and even though it didn’t contain all the familiar flavors and texture consistencies I love so dearly and the price on the steep side, it fulfilled the Indian spice cravings and I left a happy chubster.

I love me some sauces: Yogurt, Spicy Hotness, and Tomato Sweetness

Garlic Naan – tasty, but a bit too flat, and not enough fluff

Onion Bhaji – can deep fried onions really taste that bad?

Samosas – more like potato, pea and raisin empanadas

Garbage Goodness Platter: Naan, sauces, spicy veggie curry on rice

*Mark your calendars! Next month celebrates Indian culture in Buenos Aires.  November 4 – 16 is the Festival de la India with music, dance, art and of course, food.



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