Yuki: The Japanese Gem of Buenos Aires Sushi

I’ll get to the point, no need for an introductory paragraph here – Yuki (Pasco 740, Congreso) has the best sushi in Buenos Aires.  Even though there is not much competition, Yuki reigns supreme for several reasons:

1.    Atún Rojo – they actually have it, and it tastes like tuna fresh out of the ocean

2.    Authenticity – Waiters are Japanese, sushi man is Japanese, owners are Japanese. Need I say more?

3.    Philadelphia cream cheese is not allowed – Not only do the rolls leave out philly cream cheese, but popular Americanized rolls do not exist either.  Who needs a California roll with fake kanikama when you can have one stuffed with fresh soft shell crab?

4.    “Hey you, close your legs” smell is non-existent.  Too many other Japanese / sushi   restaurants suffer from fishiness taste/smell-itis.

5.    Assortment:  While I do love salmon, I have an issue when there are no other options.  Here you will find a wide assortment of fish, not regularly offered at most sushi restaurants. White fish does not count either.

I cannot resist delicious tasting Japanese food. The moment I saw the other delectable hot items served at surrounding tables, I immediately attacked the mozo, ordering everything in sight:

Agedashi tofu – scrumdiddlyumptious

Yakitori – who doesn’t like FRIED CHICKEN?

Mixed Tempura – Lightly battered, not too greasy, with tasty dipping sauce

Invitación de la casa: tuna with red onion and mayo, tamago (sweet egg), and ika (squid) with green onions

The restaurant is hidden on a residential street in Congreso, with no apparent signs on the outside so look out for the address. An important thing to remember, always make a reservation because Yuki can get quite busy – this sushi gem is no secret and you’ll find a mix of foreigners, locals, and even Japanese clientele… so obvio you know it’s good.

Pasco 740, Congreso
Tel. 4942-7510
Monday – Saturday




  1. Michael says

    ¡Hola! We went to their location last night and they were shuttered and looks like permanently. Quickly went to ROUX and loved it!


  2. jessica says

    best sushi in buenos aires by far! excellent recommendation. the best thing to order in terms of sushi is definitely that big plate of the different sushi rolls, nigiris and sashimis that you have the picture of here.

      • Alex says

        Well… I personaly don’t like Yuki. It is almost impossible to get proper Jap food here, I mean rice at 37degrees, etc etc. I had to learn and do it myself. I get the freshest ever fish in the Chinese supermarket in Belgrano. They are peruvian guys thatknow the buzz. For demanding turists Jap food is a downside here.


  1. […] YUKI (Pasco 740) Tel. 11 4942-7510Yuki, hidden on a residential street in Balvanera with no apparent sign on the outside facade, has been a nipona community favorite for 50 years, serving a traditional take on Japanese classics longer than most other non café-pizza-parrilla restaurants in the city have been in business. Nigiri and sashimi are made with the freshest cuts of fish available, like the obvious salmon to the more appreciated red tuna, all sliced carefully like the art form that it is. While sushi takes up a fraction of the menu, Yuki offers traditional dishes and an omakase tasting menu. Make sure to reserve or you might be turned away. […]

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