Sattva: Conciencia Vegetariana

Once a vegetarian in this meat friendly city, I used to have to do a lot of extra work making sure I wasn’t served a former furry creature.  Me: “Esto no tiene carne? Soy vegetariana.”  Puzzled mozo: “No, no tiene carne. Tiene jamón, pollo, pescado, sangre de animales…”  Even though vegetarians aren’t a common thing in Argentina, and it takes a bit of extra work to double check that the food doesn’t contain animal product, it’s very common nowadays to find vegetarian friendly restaurants that appeal to both carnivores and herbivores alike.  Sattva (Montevideo 446) is one of these places: tasty food at a reasonable price where even a hardcore asado-eater will be satisfied.

During midday, you’ll find the lunching suit crowd, taking advantage of their daily specials.  Dinner meals include pastas, pizzas on whole wheat crust, cazuelas, grilled vegetables and my personal favorite, the platos equilibrados, which is a pick and mix of a choice of grains (quinoa, brown rice or burgol wheat), vegetables (grilled wok or raw) and the protein (tofu or seitan).  Luckily, I was with a knowledgeable Sattva menu expert who helped choose some good dishes.

Plato Equilibrado: Brown rice, beautifully marinated wok of vegetables, seasoned tofu

Canelones de calabaza y queso azul in a salsa blanca: Not a light vegetarian dish, but still quite tasty

Sorrentinos – rich in flavor

Probably the weakest dish – thai/hindu something with garbonzos, vegetables brown rice and leche de coco. Meh, not too flavorful.





  1. […] Sattva Montevideo 446, Centro Look at that healthiness on a plate – I’d like a big, fat, juicy, bloody tofu steak please.  Put on your hemp necklace and Plaza Francia pants, and order one of the platos equilibrados, where you can pick and mix of a choice of grains (quinoa, brown rice or bulgur wheat), vegetables (wok or raw), and protein (tofu or seitan). Average price per person: AR$40-60 […]

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