A Nos Amours – Un Bistro Francés en Argentina

On a quiet corner in a non-touristy section of Palermo, you’ll find the cutest little French bistro you ever did see.  A Nos Amours (Gorriti 4488 Esq. Aráoz) has a comfortable and familiar atmosphere, attentive service and carefully selected menu and wine list. 

Perfect for a Saturday afternoon, this quaint restaurant offers only a few daily specials, written on one large portable chalk board that must be schlepped to each table in order to read the menu.  Another larger chalkboard mounted on the wall, along aside lovely photographs, displays the well thought-out wine list, filled with hand picked organic wines.  On each table, books of French poetry aid in making the bistro extra classy and extra French.

I wish I had gone with a bigger appetite because just by reading the menu descriptions, all the specials seemed incredibly tasty: beet risotto with mushroom sauce, pescado del día and vegetables, and a nice looking beef dish.  All the menu offerings are carefully selected by the owners, and made with high quality artesanal products.  In the mood for something light, I opted for the tarta de verduras – homemade whole wheat crust packed with oven roasted vegetables.  It was the kind of tarta casera where you can see all the hard work that went into making it: imperfect shaped vegetables and a few seeds here and there, it tasted personalized, fresh, right out of the oven.  The dessert menu offered 3 standouts: creme bruleé, tarta de manzana and the lemon pie… quite a tempting assortment.  The homemade lemon pie had bright lemony citrus flavors all packed in the buttery crust.

Tarta de verduras (AR$25)

Lemon Pie (AR$19)

I am already planning my next trip back to sample more of the richer, substantial menu items.

A Nous Amours is open for dinner from 6pm – 12am on Tuesday – Saturday and for lunch Wednesday – Saturday opening at 11.30am, and Sunday from 12pm – 7pm.




  1. David says

    STAY AWAY! This review is 2 and half years old and many things must have changed. Our polite questions were met with rude responses and diatribes on food wine pairings that did not even address our questions. There are no menus, just a big difficult to read chalk board that the waiter presents on an empty chair. If you are a vegetarian, your options will be limited (translation: pasta or salad). Both the pasta and the salad were not bad but lacked flavor. We did not stay for dessert.

  2. says

    Simply put, this restaurant is perfect. I always recommend it to people looking for a spot for dinner with friends, for a date or when entertaining visitors: It suits it all! Between the rich food and intimate atmosphere I also am inclined to encourage people to go for dinner over lunch. That, and because you’ll want to drink every last drop of wine they’re all so good, and such activity always seems more justifiable in the evening hours.

  3. says

    I think i fell in love with the chef when i ate here. i’m not sure I’ve ever eaten food that was infused with so much love. This is someone who has a passion for cooking. We started with some lovely pao de queijo stuffed with mushrooms, followed by a lovely risotto that was somehow more relaxed than my typically more uptight NY fare, and finished it off by sharing a wonderful creme brulee with a delicious caramelized top and a thin chocolate torte that had a lovely, subtle spicy aftertaste. Service was excellent: welcoming waiter with crazy hair, friendly French owner (seems like an oxymoron), chef taking a smoking break in the patio and their children running around in a fun, not annoying way. Great recommendation!

  4. Murphy says

    I went here this past weekend and it was perfect. The service was great, they had French literature on each table, and the food was incredible. It was a little heavy for lunch (I got risotto and my friend go salmon), but I can’t really complain.

    Also, the owner is French and says things like “Bon apetit” when he serves you (swoon!).


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