Blast From the Past: Pizza Piola

The 90’s were a helluva decade – over sized flannel shirts, baby tees, overalls, Doc Martens, yak paks, Pauly Shore, tamagotchies… I could go on for days.  Luckily, I had a shot of nostalgia in Pizza Piola (Gorriti 5751, Palermo) and felt as if I was transported back in time. Back to the Bayside Tiger’s old stomping ground, think lots of cut out shapes, neon colors, zig zags – The Max!

Many say Piola offers the best pizza in the city – an international chain with branches in Italy, USA, Brazil, Chile, Honduras and, of course who could forget Turkey.  That’s right, 7 extremely random countries. Piola does offer a wide selection of pizzas, with interesting, non-traditional toppings.

Piola: Fior di Late mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, basil & Modena: mozzarella and jamón

Carbonara: Mozzarella, panceta, parm cheese, and a sunny side egg on top

Diavola: Mozzarella and cantimpalo (like pepperoni)

While this pizza stands far ahead of the common Buenos Aires pizzeria, it still suffers from the same pizza ailments that so many other BA joints know all too well: lock-jaw crust, no sauce, puddles of oil on top of rubbery cheese.  The best out of the bunch was the Diavola, with the cantimpalo very similar to pepperoni.  I’d still go back, try a different pizza, as they have tons of options.  Next time, however, I’ll make sure to ask for it with extra salsa.

Pizza Piola has two locations in Buenos Aires: Gorriti 5751 in Palermo Hollywood and Libertad 1078, Recoleta/Barrio Norte.

*How can I post a Saved by the Bell reference without adding this infamous clip of Jessie Spano and her dangerous dependency on caffeine pills.  Who is going to be the third member of Hot Sundae without Jessie?!




  1. Pearl says

    Wow…….and I always thought that Saved by the Bell was just filled with laughs and teen fluff. I never realized that the show delved into such important issues. I realize that my own kids must have learned many lessons from that show. You showed a very profound clip.


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