The Bacon Trials: Baines Best Bacon Delivery Bacon

The life of an amateur food blogger is quite hard work.  You have to go out to eat, take pictures of food and then write about it.  One of my most recent challenges included reviewing three pounds of glorious crispy, salty, American styled streaky bacon. And not just any bacon, the ONLY real bacon in all of Argentina, delivered right to my door.  It’s made by a grosso named Heath Baines and just as the title of the product states, it truly is Baines’ Best.

Lovers of the streaky, porky treat know that the real stuff doesn’t really exist here in Buenos Aires. Sure, you will see it advertised at restaurants and cafés, but you are only being fooled by a menu that cried bacon. A shameful panceta imitation or small pieces of squiggly pork shriveled up on a plate with a serious shrinkage problem does not a slice of bacon make.

Sadly deprived of bacon as a child by my health crazed father, because of the nitrites, nitrates, and overall non-kosherness, my only chance to devour the crunchy morsels was either at a friend’s house or sneaking to the Jewel supermarket next to the park, to snack alone on raw slabs of bacon. But guess what Mom, Dad & Rabbi Dov?! I’m an ADULT now and can eat bacon whenever my little heart desires.

3 weeks, 3 pounds of bacon and 30 bacony pimples later, I cooked up a grease splattering storm in The Great Bacon Trials of 2011.  After a number of successful recipes, because let’s be honest, everything tastes better with bacon, here are my top 4 favorites, all consisting of some sort of gordo breakfast sandwich:

BLT Club A Caballo

Yeah, this is a mother of a sandwich: Triple decker bacon, lettuce, cherry tomato, avocado sandwich with a fried egg (a caball0). Just a light brunch, low on carbs and cholesterol, to get you through the day.

Toast three pieces of bread, I prefer whole wheat, but any sliced bread will do.  First layer add sliced cherry tomatoes and avocado, season with salt & pepper, then add another piece of toast, tad of spicy dijon FANCY mustard lettuce and bacon, then finally a fried sunny side egg on the top.

The Hangover Baconover

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich banged up served on a Quiero Bagel with cream cheese, capers, tomato and an egg that has been cooked in the microwave to get that airy consistency.  I needed to add some hot sauce to this sandwich and luckily I found some dashes of the Ya Ya Beans La Boca Roja and then dipped it in Aunt Jemima.  Then, whip up this Bacon Swizzle Stick Bloody Mary and you have the complete BACONATOR breakfast sandwich experience.

Maple Syrup French Toast Bacon Sandwich

French toast? Check! Maple Syrup? Check! Bacon? Check! The ultimate fattyfatfatgordo breakfast sandwich, pillows of French toast drenched in real maple syrup and stuffed with some crispy bacon slices in between. Let’s just look in awe and utter shame at this sickly delicious sandwich.

Eggs Kind of Benedict 

Generally Eggs Benedict consists of an English muffin, Canadian ham, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce, but this version mixes it up with using crispy bacon and whole wheat toast.  SOME people poach eggs in fancy poach pods, others choose a more homemade approach dousing a plastic bag or saran wrap in boiling water. Ghetto cooking at it’s finest.  Making the Hollandaise sauce is key (and very easy), as it is basically a glorious matrimony of egg yokes with buttah.

Dip the plastic bag in boiling water that has a few tablespoons of vinegar, making sure to only submerge part of it (careful for plastic melting, that would not be good).  When you see it start to become solid, quickly dump the egg into the boiling water until poached, remove with a slotted spoon.

Stack bacon on whole wheat toast.  Always make sure to fry up some extra slices because those will be eaten while cooking.

Poached egg goes on top, CRACK some pepper, and then the Hollandaise.

As you can see, the Bacon Trials were quite successful and after being spoiled by this bacon, it will be impossible to go back to anything else.  One pound of bacon is AR$45 AR$50, a bit more expensive that Jumbo’s version and oh so much better. To order your own bacon delivery, contact Heath or Lucas at 15.30261059 or

This video is dedicated to Big Al.




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