The Great: MARFA Delivery

The day I discovered Marfa marked a great day in my Buenos Aires history.  June 2010: The Rio de la Plata parted and Moses appeared holding a broccoli and red pepper veggie burger.  This delivery food service, open for lunch and dinner, makes a killing offering a healthy-ish menu of bomb salads, sandwiches, veggie burgers, wraps, soups and a few special platitos.  Always consistently good, after ordering at least once per week, I’ve still never disliked anything I’ve ordered.

I’m not used to a menu where almost every item tastes good, so it’s always difficult to choose the right thing.  When in doubt? Try it all out.

In terms of salads, I’m a Pollo y Palta (AR$31), or Pollo y Espinacas (AR$30) kinda girl.

Chicken and Spinach: mixed greens with spinach, shredded chicken, bacon, mushroom, avocado and cherry tomatoes.

Chicken and Avocado: arugula, cherry tomatoes, crispy-juicy shredded chicken, mozarella, avocado, croutons and parm.

OK, what next? Salad ordered, then get some soup action up in hizerrr.  The soup changes daily and you can bet it’s probably great.  Best I’ve tried are the calabaza, mushroom, and roasted potato leek.  I also didn’t hate the pea soup, which is surprising because I can’t not help thinking of VOMIT while eating it. Mmm, hungry?

Next up: SANDWICH! This bad boy is where it’s at.  Polo Brie has grilled shredded chicken, brie cheese, caramelized onion, arugula and red and green pesto. It’s awesome. Wanna kick it up a NOTCH? Order a Polo TOM, named after the famous dancer, and they will throw in bacon and avocado. Other good sandwiches: Club de barrio, Machote, Lemon chicken.

Polo Tom sandwich in his skivvies.

I haven’t eaten many veggie burgers in Buenos Aires, but the majority aren’t great.  Marfa, however, may not be the healthiest veggie burger you order, it’s still delishhhioussh.  Offering more than 6 different flavors, each one is made with a base of yamaní rice, rolled oats and sesame and topped with melted mozarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard and a red and green pesto. 

I’m on team broccoli and red pepper, which in my opinion is far better than the rest.

The wraps are pretty tasty, although slightly too much wrapping.  The insanely food obsessed bitch that I am, I tend to change it up a bit because I like to make extra work for myself when I order delivery.  My two favorites are the Gauchito Wrap and BBQ Chicken wrap.  I choose to dissemble the wrap, make it into a salad (by adding some thinly chopped vitamin-packed iceberg lettuce, tomato and palta) and then toasting the remaining wrap reminisce, and putting it all back together again. I’m telling you, it’s the best Jerry, the best.

The only downside? Marfa doesn’t open on the weekends.

Marfa Delivery
Santa Fe 5199 esq. Ravignani (Palermo Hollywood)
Monday – Friday: 11am – 3.15pm (delivery starts at 12pm), 7pm – 11pm (delivery starts 7.30pm)
Tel: 4777-0945





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