Product of the Day: Pop Korn

Probably one of the best gifts someone could ever give me around the holidays would be one of those massive festive tins that are filled with popcorny heaven.  What’s better than stuffing your dirty finger-licked paws into a deep tub of salted, caramel and cheesy popcorns? While it’s been years since I’ve dived face first into one of those buckets of goodness, I can now somewhat fulfill that craving.  Found right in your local chino, a retro snack popular in the 80s and brought back in 2009 new product has hit the marketPop Korn” (yes, spelled with a K). Slowly but surely I am becoming addicted to these sweet, salty yet mildly stale popperz.

A country lacking overall in the snack department, I miss those savory, sugar-filled, chemically preserved-packed goodies that I hold so dear to my heart.  Buying snacks in any Argentine supermarket is like shopping in a ghetto grocery store, trying to rummage through the dollar-supersaver bin to find the least offensive products. It’s not as if this country doesn’t sell any artificially enhanced snacks, because they do (and most are American brands), they just don’t taste very good.  At only 5 pesos for the big bag (3 pesos for the smaller one), Pop KKKorn is one of my new favorite things that I simply cannot resist.

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2 Responses to Product of the Day: Pop Korn

  1. StevieCohen says:

    pop korn has been on the mkt abt 2yrs now, im told its a relaunch from same product back in the 80s here. still miss getting kettle corn from whole foods but now.. not so much

  2. malter2010 says:

    this bag of crap is really addictive!! Hate & Love it at the same time!! booooooo

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