The Three T’s: Tortilla, Tapeo & Tancat

Preying for cougars in their prime? On a polo or rugby jersey chase? Hunting for tanned, white toothed sugar daddies? Or perhaps you’re like me and just have the tinkering for terrific tapas. Whatever your reasoning may be, you’ll probably have a successful journey venturing off to Zona Norte to Tancat. This Spanish favorite in the centro has debuted a San Isidro edition, proving to be a winning restaurant serving up comida española

Charming and elegant, Tancat’s bright red hues, rustic decor and wine barrels-a-plenty converts this suburban restaurant into a romantic yet lively Catalonian wonderland.

It’s kinda obligatory to order one of the house specialties, a popular Spanish and Argentine drink that brings housewives to their knees, sidra. Bubbly, sweet, refreshing and slightly alcoholic, it’s not just what your great aunts and uncles drink on Christmas, it’s the ultimate old fashioned thirst quencher.

The menu includes all your Spanish favorites, like tortilla española, roasted red peppers, octopus, calamari,  gambas al ajillo, jamon crudo – that kinda action. Ordering the tortilla is a must, a staple of Spanish cooking and a Tancat specialty. It’s perfectly cooked, oozing with egg and potato goodness.

Other highlights of the meal included the sauteed mushrooms, earthy, simple, meaty and nicely seasoned. Also aiming to please, the Pa Amb Tomaquet, a bruschetta-esque plate with slices of pan de campo smothered with a garlic-infused tomato sauce and thin slices of prosciutto. For a main, go with a grilled fish and health-it-up with a side of buttery, cheesy browned potatoes. Absolute au gratin-like insanity.

For my not-so-favorite parts: the fried calamari had a nice crunchy crust but the rings of calamari were a bit too rubbery for my liking. Suffering from a similar chewiness, I’d probably skip the pulpo next time around and instead check out some gambas al ajillo, morrones asados, and more tortillas.

I’m not one that goes loco for postres but it’s hard to pass up four shot glasses to degustar. The whole idea of arroz con leche doesn’t seem dessert-like to me: cinnamon, rice and milk? No thanks. But my spoon did have a magnetic pull towards the chocolate mousse, bombass bomba!

Not only does Tancat offer a pretty solid lunch special, but their Tapeo Hour is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Move over Kansas Happy Hour, Tancat is now offering one of the best deals in the BA area: Sunday thru Thursday from 5pm – 8pm, a range of tapas and selected drinks are offered at insanely cheap prices. Tapas plates run from AR$5-AR$20: papas bravas, gambas al ajillo, tacos de tortilla de cambo, rabas, chipirones fritos, and more friendly faces. Drinks are also filthy cheap, ranging from AR$5.50-AR$13 with happy hour stars like Isenbeck, Caipiroskas, sidra, Margaritas and Mojitos. Hellz-to-the-yes.

Tancat San Isidro 
14850 Libertador, Zona Norte
Tel. 4798-7100
Open everyday




  1. Kristie says

    Another GREAT recommendation! I can’t wait to try it, might be worth the trip to the suburbs for this one. Beautiful photos!


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