A Latino Sandwich

There comes that moment in time when you stumble upon a special sandwich gem.  A sandwich that puts your stupid old miga-milanesa-milanga to shame. In my fake Buenos Aires life, I’d open up a kiosco-sized shop, serving killer sandwiches and salads, at a price accessible to most. Thankfully Latino Sandwich has done just that, helping to reinvent the way the microcentro does lunch with a variety of affordable banging food, packed with a whole lotta onda.

You might not think twice when you walk by the plain, nondescript sandwich shop. Minimalistic decor, there are only about 4 tables, a few bar stools perched against the window and a counter pimping out enticing sandwiches and a sexy sandwich toaster-press contraption.

Originally an actual kiosco a few blocks away, Latino Sandwich recently moved to this larger space on Tacuarí to accommodate all their devout sandwich fanatics.

Mostly a delivery and take away shop, grab a number when you walk in the door and choose from one of the sandwiches displayed on a massive chalkboard mounted on the wall. I got there early, around 12.15pm, because I heard there’s a busy lunchtime rush -the place was pretty empty so I could stuff-sandwich-face in peace.

If you look closely, these sandwiches aren’t just any old daytime fuel sandwich. They are made with tender love and care – flavor combinations carefully thought out to achieve maximum deliciousness. The staple sandwiches always make an appearance on the menu (averaging ONLY AR$22 each, yup this place is what I like to call a DEAL), while they also offer salads, tartas, sandwich specials and platos del día.

First sandwich up, the ternera braseada, or braised beef with roasted tomato, caramelized onions and honey mustard – what uppppp! The beef, just the right amount of meaty saltiness, moist, falling apart shredders with notched up fixin’s.

The homemade bread had a magnificent toasty crunch with soft inside love, the perfect sandwich shell. A definite addition to the Buenos Aires sandwich glove-sandwich list.

It’s cheddar-chicken-panceta time. So simple, so easy, so tasty. Strips of white meat, panceta, cheddar on parmesan cheese bread – yes sir. Other than the ternera sandwich, this one wins the sandwich silver medal, although it could have used a lil saucy goodness to elevate it even more.

The toasted cheesy parm bread really makes the sandwich. The absolute good shit, kicking most of the over priced 40 peso+ Palermo BS sandwiches in the FACE.

I introduce you to the fatty sandwich: The Crispy. Milanesas aren’t really my thang, but the suprema sandwich certainly was supreme. A mother of a sandwich, the crispaaay chicken has lettuce and tomato, smothered in a roasted red pepper mayo and served on white soft ciabatta-like bread.

So mesmerized by the sanwichey zarpado-ness, by the time I lifted my head, wiped the roasted red pepper mayo off my chin, the place was PACKED with office worker types.

The menu constantly changes, with Chef Martin Pons always trying out new flavor combinations, whether it be a meatball sub, pastrami sandwich or braised pork with mango chutney. A total gangsta in the kitchen, Martin has traveled and tasted extensively, cooking under notable chefs like Charlie Trotter and killing it in kitchens in Mexico. Martin is my kinda chef, a true lover of cooking and bringing joy through food, in a way that’s ultra-affordable to those of all different backgrounds. (Photo by Latino Sandwich)

Unique, bomb ass, toastie, flavorful, super cheap, if you happen to be in the area, even if you aren’t hungry, you’ll be happy you made a visit to Latino Sandwich.

Latino Sandwich
Tacuarí 185
Tel. 4342-2809
Monday – Friday: 7am-7pm
Average Price AR$50 with drink
Facebook: Facebook.com/LatinoSandwich




  1. Liz says

    This is the lord sandwich place I mentioned on your Sandwich post a while back! They had to change the name to latino sandwich because another Lord Sandwich exists somewhere in the world, so for copyright purposes, they had to make a new name…

    They have really gotten quite popular from the good ol’ hole-in-the-wall kiosco days. Great write-up!

  2. says

    Paso todos los días por enfrente cuando al mediodía salgo en busca de mi almuerzo. Trabajo a la vuelta y pensando en que se trataba de un kiosko más que de paso vende sandwiches, no le presté atención. Now it’s time to taste it (12:14). I’ll be there en 15′.

    Nice tail and nice blog. Thank you.
    I’d like to share with all of you my blog too. http://www.ellaboratoriogastronomico.com

    Best wishes.

  3. rachel says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I always walked by this place and wondered if it’s good, but it was always too crowded. I tried it last week and LOVED it!! YUM! I’ll be back everyday.

  4. says

    We went there after seeing your photo on Facebook and both got the braised beef. The place was packed, so we headed to a small grassy area a block away and had a picnic. The sandwiches were great. I saw recently that they deliver in the downtown area (not all the way over to San Telmo though). Thanks for the suggestion. As always, spot on!


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