An Open Letter to Maní Japonés

Dear Maní Japonés,

I love your salty, crunchy morsels of peanuty wonder. I don’t know what makes you Japanese, but you certainly are addictively delicious. I’m glad you are served in homemade plastic see-through packaging, without any nutritional facts on the label, because I’m sure if I saw what you were really made of, I’d feel extra guilty eating you by the kilo. Salt, no salt, provenzal, pizza, ham, onion – so much variety, so much flavor, such a perfect snack to pop, crack, and crunch nonstop. Thank you for the memories.

Sincerely yours,




  1. Daniel says

    It’s made with soy sauce and wheat flour as a base for the crunchy coating. What makes it Japanese is that they were invented by a Japanese immigrant in Mexico.

  2. says

    I love eating foods with no nutrition facts, it’s like playing Russian roulette because I’m allergic to so many things I could die from eating chipa from the streets of Retiro, so much adrenaline knowing that could be my last snack makes up for the lack of energy I get from being a vegan.

  3. says

    You know, somedays, if it weren’t for mani japonese, life would just not be worth eating. And when you think they couldn’t be any better – they come in pizza and ham flavor. Gift from the Gods!

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