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If you take a city wide expat poll, I bet most would agree on what kinds of foods are wished to be more readily available in Buenos Aires. Spices, picante, mouth burning sauces; while once a bit of food sweat was nowhere to be found, these days restaurants are popping up with the spicy aderezo option that goes far beyond the liberal cranking of cracked pepper. Green Curry in the microcentro is one of those spots that not only offers tongue inflamed options, but makes a damn good curry. DSC_0223

Yet another great fast food lunch option has graced the microcentro with its presence. A different type of almuerzo, Green Curry is all about intense flavors, fresh ingredients, a welcoming atmosphere, super friendly staff and affordable prices.

The menu specializes in, yes, you guessed it, curry. Think Thai influenced dishes like green, red and yellow curries, curries of the day, woks, wraps, salads and sandwiches — a wide selection where nothing tops 40 pesos.DSC_0230.JPG

Packed with fresh vegetables, the vegetable curry (AR$30 pesos) hit the healthy spot with tofu, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, carrots, green beans, in a green-coconut curry sauce -bursting with nutrient-packed flavors. It’s served with white rice that was actually cooked right, hoorah!IMG_6025

I can’t go to a restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine and not order the Pad Thai. One of my all time favorite dishes, Green Curry’s version somewhat disappointed: while the flavors were not necessarily bad, in no way did it taste like the Pad Thai I’m accustomed too — this was more like a glutenous soup with thin rice noodles. Probably wasn’t the wisest choice ordering it with shrimp either, it came out mushy, tasteless, not a mouth friendly consistency.DSC_0237.JPG

But luckily the sauces made up for the sad Pad Thai. Next to the counter, Green Curry has up for grabs three different sauces (a red, beige and green), and a bowl with fresh cucumber soaked in rice vinegar-sugar combo. Needing to try all the sauces, I grabbed a small dish and spooned each one inside for a mini sauce tasting, for one. Sounds eventful? Oh, it was.  I dolloped a whole party of spices on the curry for a big ole’ fuego chili fest. Not thinking they would actually carry some heat, I piled the spices, one onto another, and mixed away in the bowl — HOT DAMN! My picante inflamed mouth could barely even decipher all the wonderful flavors. DSC_0219

Green Curry is in the school of ordering at the counter, and then waiting for a few minutes until your order is magically dropped off at the table. A popular lunchtime restaurant, the two level space packs up during the almuerzo rush, but the long communal tables, bar stool window seats and regular traditional tables seem to accommodate quite nicely.DSC_0222

An awesome downtown area inexpensive lunch choice, whether you are looking for some heat, or just looking for a good curry — Green Curry is your curry haven, because we all need a curry oasis these days.DSC_0251.JPG

Green Curry
Tucuman 271, Microcentro
Tel. 4312-8337
Mon – Fri: 11:30 am – 5:00 pm
Average price: AR$35
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    So Liza and I were in Zara a few blocks away spending all of our money, when this post arrived to my inbox, it was fate :)
    I had the green curry and tamarind juice – both VERY good, flavorful and well-priced. I wouldn’t agree about the spice though – I added a bunch of the red sauce, but still didn’t light my fire.
    Either way, I’m going back tomorrow! YUM YUM YUM!


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