The Great San Telmo Coffee Hut: Coffee Town


The San Telmo market just got A LOT bit better. Coffee snobs, coffee lovers and coffee addicts can now flock to the infamous mercado for a quick shot of this liquid gold. A small coffee hut nestled in between a vegetable stand and a hoarder’s antiqued-out dream, Coffee Town, the new love hijo of the Centro de Estudios del Café, is brewing up a coffee storm._MG_6682

One of the newer projects the Centro de Estudios del Café has up their sleeve, Coffee Town is run by professional baristas, all who study at the coffee center, whipping up quality coffee to the many market passersby. You ain’t going to find your favorite milked-out cortado of sugar-toasted beans here, Coffee Town imports fair trade beans from all over the world – think countries like Colombia, Mexico, Ethiopia, India, Guinea, Yemen and Sumatra._MG_6654

Menu is ample, with items like “regular” espressos, Americanos and cortados, cappuccinos, fancy frappacrappajappa-cinos, mochas and even the cute little Instagram in a cup, latte drawings._MG_6651

Side note: food, cats, sunsets, skylines and latte art – Instagram is wondrous._MG_6648


Coffee Town also offers organic and natural juices, beer, a modest sandwiches menu, the whole cookie-alfajor-muffin-brownie-medialuna biznass, and great dark chocolates._MG_6646

Besides Café Colombia, my #1 San Telmo coffee fix at the Sunday street fair, Coffee Town brings the best coffee to San Telmo, with expert barista friendly service, a huge selection of international fair trade coffee, all in the lively Mercado de San Telmo atmosphere.

Coffee Town
Bolivar 940
Mon – Sun: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tel. 4300-7333
Second FB page with updates on coffee tastings and other events.




  1. Marija says

    Coffee Town is the best coffee I have had in all of South America in the last 10 months! Amazing! I would recommend all coffee snobs to definitely go there!


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