I Got 99 Problems But A Café Ain’t One: The Best Coffee in Buenos Aires


For a city with such a vibrant café-going culture, overall Buenos Aires certainly does serve quite a shitty cup of coffee. Burnt beans, sugar roasted, poor quality, all probably made in a machine that hasn’t been cleaned since 1998, coffee snobs aficionados that long for a cup of the good stuff may no longer have to drown in watered down and milked out poor tasting coffee. We can now join Argentina’s cafetero rebirth and stick a caffeine IV in our arms to check out some of the best spots to drink good coffee in Buenos Aires.

No one in their right mind can knock the absolute greatness of the Buenos Aires bares and cafés notables, the old school cafés that are pieces of the city’s cultural history. I’d gladly sit for hours in one of these beautiful cafés, drinking on a cortado and soaking up porteño life in a jarrito. But sometimes (like every time), a strong morning pick me up is somewhat crucial to get through the day, and here’s where you should be going to sip on some of that quality black liquid gold.

LATTENTE lattenteLet’s recite a special prayer and say a massive gracious gracias to the beautiful coffee gods for bringing us this c-word mecca on Thames. Owners Daniel Cifuentes and Zehan Nurhadzar might be somewhat coffee nazis (in the best possible way) because their love for the aromatic bean has helped transform the coffee scene in Buenos Aires. Lattente houses a team of the top baristas in the city, making it the ideal spot to perch onto a bar stool, watch the masters do their thaaang, and exhale a great cracked out caffeinated sigh of relief for finally drinking a properly made coffee. On Saturdays, the capos at Cannoli de Palermo set up shop on the sidewalk, while on Sundays, Sheikob’s Bagels bring the baked and boiled bagel love. 

Thames 1891, Palermo Soho

LAB TOSTADORES DE CAFEIMG_0032What a game changing edition to Buenos Aires cafélandia. Heisenberg-esque baristas meticulously cook up their craft inside this two-story science-y coffee laboratory. The roasting quality and preparation skill are the same as you’d find in any of the best coffee shops around the world, which is matched by a relaxed vibe, modern space, and good music. If you look closely, LAB’s roasting skillz make the beans and blends for our favorite BA cafés and restaurants. Just as important, the chocolate chip cookie is hands down THE ABSOLUTE BEST MOTHAFUCKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE I’ve ever eaten in Argentina. And another hot weather plus: the cold brew makes summer dreams come true – it’s unlike any iced coffee around: it’s pure, it’s refreshing, it’s incredibly sophisticated, and it’s basically more addictive than meth. Because we all know that I’m such an expert on habit-forming street substances.

Humboldt 1542, Palermo Hollywood


full city coffee house

FCCH’s story is like many others: foreigners missing foods from home and bringing some edible/drinkable nostalgia to BA. Colombian-English couple Victoria Angarita and Allan Dorgan were tired of the shitty BA cup of jo, and since Victoria has coffee running through her veins, (her father’s head of a coffee institute in Colombia) instead of fleeing to more palatable destinations, they decided to open up shop here. Not only is it the place to go for a great strong cup of coffee, but café enthusiasts and wannabes can partake in workshops and classes to learn the barista basics, or even how to draw pretty bleeding hearts with milk. The coconut lemonade is also pretty bomb, as are the English breakfasts.

Thames 1535, Palermo Soho


The microcentro has been given an extra jolt of caffeine inside this tiny but powerful galería coffee bar on Florida. Barista Rodrigo Rochas, who learned the ways of the trade in New Zealand and traveled to the best coffee houses in LA, Seattle, Portland and New York, opened up shop in 2013 and plays a major role in the city’s revolución cafetera. Barrio Cafetero uses Café Puerto Blest‘s premium line, Alquimia, with an impressive Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II espresso machine.

Florida 833, Centro — Reconquista 513

FELIX FELICIS & COIMG_2775Let’s give a big roasting welcome to the latest coffee shop to hit the mean streets of Palermo. Harry Potter themed Félix Felicis & Co moves into the prime corner of Cabrera y Serrano with pro baristas serving coffee the way the café lords intended. With top of the line grinder and espresso machine, they produce one helluva flat white. YO NERDS: the wood bar has an outlet built inside for your geeked out plugging pleasure.

José Antonio Cabrera 5002, Palermo Soho


Walking into this corner café was like stepping into US coffee shop Narnia closet. Order at the register, in coffee mug or to-go cup option, a myriad of coffee types, styles and flavors and then step over to the Brew Bar where baristas magically wow us with different preparation methods. Friendly service, comfortable lush furniture, fast wifi, and most importantly BOMBBBBBB café make this a spot that Belgrano vecinos should include in their daily routine. You can also buy the House Blend or Organic coffee beans to bring home, and even take advantage of one of their free weekly coffee tastings (cuppings).

Ciudad de la Paz 2300, Belgrano



I walked by Negro after downing a burger at Burger 180 the other day and thought, what a nice looking café, I bet it’s shit. But I went in, sat alongside the cool exposed brick walls, ordered a cappuccino, and was pleasantly surprised by the mad barista skills and quality of the coffee. The small space specializes in coffee to go, which is crucial for the microcentro crowd — if you work in the zona, Negro might become your daily refuge. (Photo by Negro)

Suipacha 637, Centro — Marcelo T Alvear 790, Centro



The small Colombian café on Costa Rica street has everything I want in a coffee shop. The relaxed atmosphere invites drinkers to guiltlessly take their pretty time to sip and enjoy an excellent cup of coffee. Plus, the music deserves a café playlist award.

Costa Rica 5722, Palermo



A trip to San Telmo isn’t complete without a pop in to San Telmo market’s Coffee Town for a quick espresso + people watching session. Sure, this might be one of the more expensive spots for coffee in the entire city but the CT crew deserve respect for being revolutionaries in the Buenos Aires coffee mundo: they traveled the world learning about the trade and sourcing the good stuff before opening up the city’s first coffee institute Centro de Estudios del Café.

Bolivar 976, Mercado de San Telmo



Skip Starbucks and get your coffee to go from Unión, a prime downtown caffeine cave where pro baristas use Puerto Blest beans. (Photo: La Unión)

Esmeralda 266, Centro

Hot tip: Ninina Bakery (Gorriti 4738, Palermo Soho) also serves and sells 60 Granos, Coffee Town’s coffee brand.


And the best of the rest:
BIRKIN – República Árabe Siria 3061, Palermo Botánico
LOS GALGOS – Callao 501, Centro
DELICIOUS – Laprida 2015, Recoleta –> Solid spot for Illy coffee + snacks in Recoleta
IMPORT COFFEE COMPANY – Libertad 1150, Recoleta –> Illy coffee, Twinnings tea, and Lindt chocolate, need I say much more?
IN BOCCA AL LUPO CAFFE – Bonpland 1965, Palermo Hollywood –> Italian owner Enrico Aguggiaro worked as an educator for Illy coffee, bringing that knowledge and education through a beautiful San Marco Leva espresso machine.
FLORIDA GARDENFlorida 899, Centro –> Old school classic porteño charm with that modern twerk.
THE SHELTER COFFEE – Arroyo 940, Retiro –> Fresh bright space, latte art galore.
NININA BAKERY – Gorriti 4738, Palermo –> Impressive space, open kitchen seating, and serves Coffee Town’s coffee
VICTORIA BROWN CAFE – Costa Rica 4827, Palermo –> Lattente’s coffee and killer BBQ bondiola sandwich and brunch
EDITOR’S MARKET – Av. Dorrego 2133, Palermo –> Buy designer wonders and sip on a matcha latte.
KYOPO – Juan Felipe Aranguren 3053, Floresta –> Korean pop fusion restaurant with kimchi burgers and a pro coffee game.




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