The Hollywood Deli: Il Posto Mercato

IMG_1126It was December, 2014. I saw a sign on the corner of Humboldt and Soler: FIAMBRES, QUESOS, PICADAS, VINO. Since I’m a proponent of each one of those things, I stepped inside to check what this new place was all about. Wines, meats, cheeses, breads, bagels, coffee and sandwiches — I creepily walked around the shop, sneakily taking photos and scoping out the merchandise. Me likes what me saw.

IMGP1428Venezuelan cousins, Carlos and Javier Saume, came to Buenos Aires to work and study, and (like many of us) ended up being lured by salty meets and cheeses. But unlike many of us, they decided to open up a different kind of deli.

11666288_449537061885137_5039641348634902273_nI knew this place was legit the moment I locked eyes with the deli counter. On display? Some of Argentina’s best artisan meat and cheese providers – Las Dinas, Colonia Caroya, Cruz Pampa, Bermejo, Piedras Blancas, La Suerte, Adrianita and Fermier. Great products that aren’t available in just any neighborhood fiambrería.

The huge space has a large deli counter with a meat slicer cranking out charcuterie goodies and to-go sandwiches. There’s also a small patio, a mini almacén and a few tables to dine in.

What else makes IL POSTO shine?

las dinas

Exhibit A: Las Dinas fiambres.


Exhibit B: Cabañas Piedras Blancas Cheese

11221711_434419163396927_1344648546227219618_nExhibit C: La Suerte CHEDDAR

IMG_1122IMG_1232Exhibit D: The sandwiches. Packed with goodness and served on freshly baked bread. (Or bagel). MORTADELLA MAMA!

IMGP0845Exhibit Double D: Oh, picada. Thank you for your existence.

Il Posto Mercato
Soler 5502, Palermo Hollywood
Tel. 2067-8882
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11am – 9pm
Delivery to Palermo & Take Away available
Average price (per sandwich): $55-85 pesos
Facebook // Instagram

Some photos by Petite Pastèque




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    I’m glad to see they’re still there! I saw the post was from last year and I panicked a little ;P. Do you know if they sell Italian sausage or anything similar? And if not, do you know of anywhere else that would?
    Loving your blog, even if I am late to the party!

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