That home video is of me, Allie Lazar, 4 years old, in 1989 (yes, I was a large kid). Ever since a very young age, growing up in the mean streets of suburban Chicago, I’ve been a good eater — intensely devouring all things edible like a possessed chubby demon child. Since I’ve always spent my days eating, writing, cooking, and planning my next meal, it was only fitting to channel this unhealthy food obsession in the form of something a bit more socially acceptable: become a food writer. Plus, it’s a legit excuse for never going on a diet.

I came to Buenos Aires in 2006 to study Political Science at the Universidad de Buenos Aires during a semester-long exchange program, and five ten (!) years later I’m still here, crazy enough to have fallen in love with this wonderfully chaotic country. I started writing Pick Up the Fork in 2010 as a hobby to document my love-hate relationship with food in Argentina, attempting to liven up traditional restaurant reviews with a little bit of honesty and a lot of bit of silliness.

I have been lucky to see lots of hungry people enjoy the blog, and have received chubby praise for my Buenos Aires food knowledge from publications like the New York Times, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Bon Appétit, Condé Nast, The Travel Channel, and The Food Network.  I even helped President Obama and his staff choose restaurants when they were in Buenos Aires! (I’m sorry, I had to throw in that humble brag.)

What are my qualifications besides being a food obsessed fatty with an overeating problem? I’ve contributed (writing and photography) to publications like Lucky Peach, The Guardian, Food & Wine Magazine, Saveur, New York Post, Eater, Vice Munchies, Serious Eats, La Nacion, Clarin, Roads & Kingdoms, BBC Travel, New Worlder, National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, and The Infatuation. I’m also the former Food & Drinks editor of Time Out Magazine Buenos Aires, RIP. Sometimes when cool food obsessed travelers come to Argentina I organize customized Buenos Aires food tours.

From dirty street food vendors to top chef tasting menus, I don’t think I’ll ever stop my endless quest discovering the great foods around the world. I hope you enjoy reading my labor of love and find it as a useful guide, just as much as I have fun eating and writing it. And if you don’t like it, go suck a chorizo.

Yours Truly,

George Napkin


– I took all of the photos on the site (unless otherwise noted), so please don’t steal them. Or if you do, give me credit for being the fab photog I pretend to be.
– I also get off on reading comments, so feel free to tell me if you want to be my new best friend…. or if you think my drivel is full of shit.
– All of the reviews are my opinion, even if you think they are wrong. You don’t owwwwwn me, restaurant owner, chef, Yelp elitist or press lady.
– I’m also one of “THOSE PEOPLE” who post photos of food (and maybe sometimes cats, dogs and Seinfeld references), so if you don’t roll your eyes at #foodporn posted at a healthy rate, twatme, likeme, and insta-assme on da world wide social media webz –> @pickupthefork
– Questions, comments, complaints all welcome. Fax me at imhungry@pickupthefork.com

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  1. Hector Caloto says

    Love your blog, and I like the redesign. I clearly haven’t checked in a while.
    Two little things…
    1) You need to update the copyright at the very bottom of the page to 2015 :)
    2) no RSS feeds?
    I’m rounding up the favorite blogs I’ve found over the past few months to add to my newsreader so I can keep reading.. and I don’t see an RSS feed for yours. Unless you’re hiding it the RSS icon is usually tacked on next to the FB/Twitter/Instagram/email icons.

  2. Robert Draper says

    Allie, it’s Robert Draper at National Geographic. I’m in town doing a story, would like to get together. Pls email me & let’s grab a bite.

  3. Alan Hyman says

    You are the first woman I could fall in love with. My Argentine boyfriend and I have been eating our way through your incredible recommendations. WOW. spot on. Just finished unreal dinner at Gran Dabangg. We’ve worked our way through L’Adesso (amazing), Tierra de Nadie, Bi Won, Beijing, Aramburu Bis, La Crespo and more. Our only disagreement: Doña Maria in Mataderos. On the RIGHT side. Keep eating and writing. Love your recommendations and your style.

  4. says

    Hi, great blog! I’m really glad I found you. I recently got back to Buenos Aires (soy porteña) after almost 7 years in New York and have been looking for places to eat and, more importantly, where to buy imported food, spices, sauces… Keep it up!

  5. says

    Living in Belgrano and being a food lover I just found your blog and it’s very interesting. I read the two last posts and I completely fall in love with the way you write about, posting prices, what seems to be an honest opinion and all the photos.
    Keep up with this, I just have to places to go and taste :)

  6. Pablo Rodriguez says

    Have you tried the burguers at Perez-H? They are definitely worth it. Burguer Joint in New York does not do such a good job as they do in this place. Cheers.

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