Olsen: The Original Buenos Aires Brunch

bloody mary olsen

OLSEN IS CLOSED. Back in the day, in the mid 2000s, before the brunch craze invaded Buenos Aires, Olsen reigned on top for THE place to brunch. Cool, sleek, modern atmosphere, minimal decor, beautifully presented food, extremely accessible prices, trendy clientele and a one-of-a-kind menu.  Stir in dozens of write ups in the popular guide books, and a […]


Blast From the Past: Pizza Piola


The 90’s were a helluva decade – over sized flannel shirts, baby tees, overalls, Doc Martens, yak paks, Pauly Shore, tamagotchies… I could go on for days.  Luckily, I had a shot of nostalgia in Pizza Piola (Gorriti 5751, Palermo) and felt as if I was transported back in time. Back to the Bayside Tiger’s […]


A Nos Amours – Un Bistro Francés en Argentina


On a quiet corner in a non-touristy section of Palermo, you’ll find the cutest little French bistro you ever did see.  A Nos Amours (Gorriti 4488 Esq. Aráoz) has a comfortable and familiar atmosphere, attentive service and carefully selected menu and wine list. 


Sattva: Conciencia Vegetariana


Once a vegetarian in this meat friendly city, I used to have to do a lot of extra work making sure I wasn’t served a former furry creature.  Me: “Esto no tiene carne? Soy vegetariana.”  Puzzled mozo: “No, no tiene carne. Tiene jamón, pollo, pescado, sangre de animales…”  Even though vegetarians aren’t a common thing […]


What the FLUCK should I make for dinner?


One of the many food related recipe blogs I read, What the fuck should I make for dinner, has inspired me to follow in the good fun and include my recipes of what I’ve been fucking making for dinner. 1. Barbecue chicken fucking salad 2. Empa-fucking-nadas salteñas 3. Fucking rigatoni in a garlic white wine […]


Another one bites the dust

I’m sure other expats can sympathize, when living in a foreign country, making friends can be a touchy subject.  Some transit Buenos Aires dwellers may not understand the reluctance of the long-termer to befriend any other foreigner that comes their way.  There must be some selectivity involved. Friends come, friends go.  What kind of tortured […]


Yuki: The Japanese Gem of Buenos Aires Sushi


I’ll get to the point, no need for an introductory paragraph here – Yuki (Pasco 740, Congreso) has the best sushi in Buenos Aires.  Even though there is not much competition, Yuki reigns supreme for several reasons:


Doppio Zero: Italian Food Done Right

**DOPPIO ZERO IS NOW CLOSED*** With ganas to visit Doppio Zero (Soldado de la Independencia 1238) for quite some time, my intense craving for pasta finally drove me to this small Italian restaurant in Las Cañitas.  Once in Belgrano on Zabala, Doppio Zero recently moved to a bigger location, yet on a Thursday night at […]


Food Hoppin’ in Rosario, eh!!!…

Many travelers visiting a new place for a short period of time feel the overwhelming necessity to follow a Nazi-like schedule, ticking off all of the major (and minor) tourist attractions from an uninformed guidebook. Personally, I prefer to engage in my favorite traveling (and non-traveling) pastime: Restaurant Hopping.


Paladar Buenos Aires: Una Experiencia de Aromas y Sabores


What’s the best way to spend a birthday? Eating delicious food paired with lovely wines and having someone else pay for it.  Husband and wife, Chef and Sommelier duo Pablo and Ivana open up their charming Villa Crespo home to offer a 5 course menu of elegant food paired with carefully selected wines.  The warm […]