Medialuna Fridays at Alimentari


What’s better than reaching a Friday knowing the weekend is about to start? Medialuna Fridays! While I’m not a factura kinda girl, Alimentari (locations in the microcentro) makes a damn good medialuna.  Some say (and by some I mean me) it’s the best in BA. Fresh, crusty, sweet and sticky on the outside, warm soft […]


Brunch with the GRINGA

***GRINGA IS NOW CLOSED*** Brunch has come and it’s here to stay. This is the next new trend to hit Rio de la Plata.  For those who are traveling to Buenos Aires for a short period of time, in the need to strategically plan all restaurant ventures to make each one count, brunch is not […]


Delhi Darbar, more than just curry powder

*** DELHI DARBAR IS NOW CLOSED *** In Buenos Aires, Indian food suffers from two major ailments: authenticity and spice.  With only a handful of restaurant options in the city, it can be quite difficult fulfilling that intense Indian food craving.  Many locals inaccurately refer to this exotic food as comida hindú, categorizing the cuisine […]


Butter + Cream + Vodka = glorious combination


Spring has come and it’s time put away the heavy stews, hearty soups, and starchy comfort food and have a fresh start with a more light menu.  In celebration of the new season, it seemed appropriate to make one of the richest pastas on the planet: Rigatoni A la Vodka or Rigavodka as I like […]


Chinese Food Hong Kong Style

hong kong

Barrio Chino has tons of restaurants to choose from.  Some good, some bad, some with chicken feet displayed in the window, and others with empanadas and milanesas on the menu.  Hong Kong Style offers a huge variety of the greasy Chinese food persuasion that I hold so dear to my heart. The menu includes pages and […]


Tea Connection Time: Un Café de Té

Tea Connection

One of my favorite Buenos Aires memories happened in Tea Connection on July 9, 2007 (if I’m going to be exact). Back in the day this popular porteño tea house was one of the few spots in the city with a strong WiFi connection. It was also one of the only places that served a […]


The Best Pizza in Buenos Aires: Siamo Nel Forno


Surprising to many locals who have a life-long devoted loyalty to their favorite dish, Argentina is known by many to serve some pretty awful pizza. Some have even go far to say that it’s one of the worst pizza in the world. Oh, but how can you go wrong with dough + cheese + grease, might […]


Argentina’s Top Ham-Flavored Snacks


In celebration of the High Holidays why not scarf down loads of ham-flavored goodies?  Ring in the sweet Jewish New Year with salty, porky, non-kosher treats. Damn, this country loves hammy snacks. Here’s a list of my faves…


Product of the Day: Oreo Alfajor

oreo alfwhore

When I was little, I was never allowed to eat crap.  While my friends had pantries and freezers full of fruit by the foot, gushers and bagel bites, I only had matzah, health cereal and a bottle of diluted Mott’s apple juice, because apparently the regular kind has “too much sugar.” Since all food containing […]


Raspberry Cheesecake Buenos Aires Style

Argies have very particular taste buds that often times defy rhyme or reason.  Some of my favorite locals have strong beliefs about food… for example, (all these should use air quotes and spoken in a very sarcastic tone) egg whites are “heavy,” a tiny bit of ground pepper is “spicy,” sushi = food poisoning.  Kilos […]