Helado Trifecta at El Capricci

Capricci Trifecta

Chocolate suizo, dulce de leche con brownie and chocolate marroc. El Capricci (Paraguay 5201) is the bomb, 1/2 kilo for AR$16 pesos, delivered right to your door in under 10 minutes.


Prediction 2011: Frozen Yogurt Mania to hit Buenos Aires

Just so you all know, I am calling this one right now, Sunday, August 15, 2010, that the Summer ’11 Fro-Yo craze is about to SHAKE the B of A.  Not to be one of those assholes who needs to claim ownership, but I deserve credit for my findings.  I was right about my lemonade […]


Cheap Dinner Challenge

With a lack of funds, due to excessive over spending and my depressing salary, I embarked on a cooking challenge.  Dinner for two people, for 7 nights, no going out to eat, no ordering in, budget of only 40 pesos and my pathetic excuse of a pantry that was barely stocked.  I’ll spare you the […]


Have some more sloppy joes. I made ’em extra sloppy for yous

Is it possible to mention the words sloppy joe and not make a SNL/Billy Madison/Adam Sandler reference? I’ve had this American staple only once in my life, this year, in Argentina… eating something called a “sloppy joe” grossed me out and just thinking about the hamburger helper type meat just didn’t seem Kosher.  But boy […]


El Galpón Market Orgánico

The road to El Galpón

Hidden down a desolate Chacarita cobblestone road between rusted abandoned train cars and the Federico Lacroze station, you will find El Galpón, one of the few co-operative farmers’ markets in Buenos Aires that specializes in organic and natural locally grown products.


Snack of the Day – Sesame Wheat Crackers

Sesame Wheat Crackers are da bomb.  Cheap, delicious, “healthy,” and crazily addictive.  If you have absolutely zero self control like me, you will easily eat your way through the whole package in one sitting.  Made by the Granix company, that has a line of several types of crackers and cookies (even a vegetarian tenedor libre […]


Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup

Winter is here. With the coldest temperatures in over 15 years, I had one thought on my mind – a comfortable bowl of delicious soup. How did I survive so many years living in frigid Chicago winter temperatures? Why did I choose to spend the majority of my college years living in even colder Madison, […]


Spicy Quinoa & Lentil Salad

quinoa tab

Ever since I found quinoa at one of my favorites dietéticas, I’ve been cooking it like madness.  With the inspiration of the NYTimes recipe for spicy quinoa, cucumber and tomato salad, I thought I’d try my own version.


Product of the Day: Approximately 16 Squeezed Oranges

Read the ingredients listed in many of the favorite Argentine juice brands, and you will have a tongue-twister of Spanish chemicals to pronounce.  Packed with cavities, rainbow colored dyes, and all around artificialness, it is almost impossible to find a natural alternative.


THE Go-To Barrio Favorite: Marfa Delivery


There comes a time in an unhealthily food obsessed freak’s life when she finds THE place where she could go everyday, never knew of its existence, and it’s steps away from her lazy-ass doorstep. After almost a year, I finally discovered Marfa Delivery.  I must have passed by thousands of times, with no idea what […]