Happy Drunk Fest: Buenos Aires Happy Hour Guide


Bar at Kansas during Happy Hour, after they cleared out lots of empties. Note: This guide was made in 2010, and probably very out of date. Help me make another guide and tell me about your favorite Buenos Aires happy hour. Happy Hour should be called something different. Who came up with this stupid expression? First […]


Welcome to Barrio Yanqui

Photo from Benihana’s Facebook page McDonalds, TGIFridays, Benihana and Starbucks – just missing a Hooters and Subway, then Yankie Town would be all set!


Chicken Club Sandwich, with real bacon

I have kept my secret long enough, and it is time to share… The Jumbo Supermarket in Palermo has bacon. Real bacon, not the prosciutto imitation bullshit.  As a nice non-religious Jewish girl, out of habit, I steer clear of pork.  But who can resist a crispy, salty, strip of deliciousness? Especially inside a tasty […]


Sushi Pop Ya In Da Face

Article written June 2010 Most sushi in BA ain’t good.  Cheap sushi in BA is even worse. In the cheap Sushi delivery market, Sushi Pop reigns supreme. Created with the objective to make “healthy food of the BEST quality accessible to all.” People warned me before ordering, but also encouraged for me to try it… “It’s […]


A Sausage Love Story: Freddy’s Choripán


Outside a hole-in-the-wall on the cobblestone streets of the San Telmo barrio in Buenos Aires, envious line-waiters patiently endure the grill smoke while watching eaters sit curbside and shovel beefy sandwiches into their faces. I had walked by this spot a number of times without realizing the wonders inside. But the time finally came, on one special […]


Muu Lecheria: Wannabe 50’s Diner Done Palermo Style

2010-04-03 16.02.25

A 50’s themed diner smack in the middle of Palermo Soho, the Yanquis are invading!  Pastel blue colored booths, a non-functional jukebox and counter stools, Muu Lecheria (Armenia 1810) has the kitschy ambience down, but like many restaurants in the zone, the food ain’t good and the staff acts like they are doing you a […]


Svelty Catchup Barf

You say catsup, I say ketchup, they say “catchup.” This ice cream brand sounds like something my grandmother would lovingly say to me in Yiddish. Yo barfeo. Tú barfeas. Él/Ella barfea. Ellos/as barfean. Nosotros barfeamos.


Go-To Barrio Favorite: Bâraka

Homemade food, large portions, family recipes,  good prices, high quality products, inventive non-typical argentine menu, natural health conscious items – some of the many reasons why I love Baraka (Gurruchaga 1450, Palermo Soho).


Ranch Dressing found in Buenos Aires!

What’s with foreigners and their salad dressing, peanut butter, maple syrup, American candy? While living in another city, one should embrace the culture and eat the local cuisine…. Hellz no!  As sad and pathetic as it seems, I dream about shopping in an  American supermarket… oh, the inappropriate things I would do for just one […]