Happy Valentine’s Day, here’s a miniature burger

Happy Valentine's Day, here's a miniature burger

The mini food trend has hit BA and I hope it doesn’t stick. BeFrika, on the corner of Junin and French in Recoleta, is the first restaurant to serve higher class gourmet hamburgers, and they are tiny as hell. 


Russian Pelmeni Dumplings


I was first introduced to dumplings at Pel’meni in Madison, Wisconsin. For US$5, you could get a styrofoam container filled with the delicious pillows of meat or potato dumplings, with spice or no spice, sour cream, and a piece of rye bread. Oh, how I craved these dumplings…


Who doesn’t love a cupcake?

Who doesn't love a cupcake?

Sitting in Muma’s, a tiny cupcake (and muffin) bakery in the overly trendy Palermo Soho area, is one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had in a while. Yes, I know that’s an incredibly fat girl thing to say.


Kimchee at Bi Won


Walk down a deserted street in Congreso, and you will find a small wooden sign written in Korean. This was my second trip to BiWon and much tastier than I remembered. Greeted with complimentary pickled goodness kimchee and about 9 other small bowls like sugary tiny fishies, pickled vegetables, tofu, eggplant and all around spices, […]


Culinary Tour of Brazil

Culinary Tour of Brazil

I met this Argentine dude in my hostel in Rio de Janeiro. He was a 30 something guy who always looked like he was about to go for a jog — decked out in black Nike shorts with one of those light weight Adidas muscle sleeveless shirts. He had been in Rio for the past […]


My Favorite Brazilian Snack: Salgadinhos

Salgadinhos no Brasil

Salgadinhos consist of a delicious cheesy, vegetable or meat stuffing, wrapped in a baked or fried dough. In the empanada family, you can find a variety of these perfectly sized snacks at just about any corner in Rio de Janeiro. Despite the variety of sizes, all cost exactly the same, and pretty much all are […]


The Buenos Aires Barrio Chino Food Crawl

barrio chino

The challenge: food hop around Buenos Aires’ Barrio Chino (China Town), visiting the best restaurants in Barrio Chino, to take the ultimate Chinese-inspired food tour. I attempted to visit as many restaurants as possible, to try all that Barrio Chino has to offered, determining which restaurants in China Town are worth visiting, and which are […]


Oui Oui, Brunch Brunch, Yes Yes


The pioneer in the Buenos Aires brunch movement, Oui Oui has been around since the beginning, brunchificando the hell out of Palermo Hollywood.  A French-inspired cozy café,  Oui Oui has two locations on Nicaragua street in PoHo: the original in the middle of the street and the almacén version on the corner of Dorrego y […]


Best Buenos Aires Restaurants Under 30 Pesos

Note: This article is waaaay out of date. It was written in 2009 and updated again in 2011, but I’m sure when you are reading this, the prices will have increased many more times in this ever inflating economy we live in. The restaurants, however, continue to be cheap good options. For a more elaborate […]



pick up the fork chorizo

Impossible. 3 years and 20 pounds heavier, the mixture of beef, wine, helado, dulce de leche, empanadas and milanesas got the best of me. Always hungry in Buenos Aires, I decided to PICK UP THE FORK and never put it down.