The Food Hunter: 8 Meals A Day


El suplemento especial de comida del diario La Nación, Bocados, me invitó para ser su Food Hunter invitado y recomendar a sus lectores ocho lugares diferentes para desayuno, almuerzo y cena, mezclandolo con lo nuevo, lo clásico, lo contemporario y lo barato. Aqui esta la posta (en castellano). LAB. Tostadores de Café Aunque nací en un […]

Teamim: A Little Taste of Israel in Almagro


Buenos Aires is no stranger to Mediterranean flavors. With a history of Middle Eastern (mostly Syrian and Lebanese) and Armenian immigration, each with culturally active communities, it’s pretty easy to find your face nose deep in shawarma. But this one Almagro hole in the wall a few blocks away from Parque Centenario stands out from […]

The Best Buenos Aires Restaurants For Cheap Bastards

Cheap dining

Sometimes I get attacked by a dark hole of self-induced extranjero depression, where just whipping out an old BA guidebook, glancing at an outdated travel article, or deciphering a price crossed out pizzería menu gives me the uncontrollable urge to play the Inflations-A-Bitch pity party game. With restaurant costs catapulting skyward, inflation at a ridiculous high, it’s […]

The Best Buenos Aires Sushi Delivery: Kokoro Sushi


Kokoro sushi has what it takes to be a great go-to sushi delivery spot: super fresh fish, inventive rolls, high quality products, rice properly cooked, tasty sauce accompaniments, expert color-coated packaging, and a full menu that’s not insanely priced. A new school of Japanese-Peruvian sushi fusion to your door, sashimi, niguiri, tiraditos and rolls make […]

This Is Why You’re Fat: Spring Edition

IMG_0111.JPG - Version 4

Summer is finally here, and even though the world didn’t end, I’m still eating like there’s no tomorrow.  Spring was filled with food fairs, chef stalking, bar hoppings, educational cocktail courses, urban gardens, computers breaking, hamburger discoveries and lots of Toddy cookies. Here’s a recap of the good, the bad and the butt ugly of […]

La Cresta: Winning Over Almagro

la cresta

A new food trend is storming across Buenos Aires: a modernized version of fast food to-go, offering an unorthodox porteño menu of ethnic-influenced healthy-ish grub. La Cresta might be one of the biggest gangstas in the para llevar gang, specializing in juicy, crispy rotisserie chicken, inventive salads and flavor filled wraps. 

The Buenos Aires Market

BA market

There’s really nothing better on a sunny, springtime Buenos Aires day than trucking over to the Bosques de Palermo (en bici, of course), to dodge the slow walking-mate drinking pedestrians, collide with erratic bike riding children, and watch pre-teens on roller skates eat shit hard on the pavement. You might think it wasn’t possible for the Bosques to get any busier […]

Hot Date In Buenos Aires: Perfect Date Spots For Any Occasion

i hope he puts outt

Unwrap the romance-enhanced clichés, drown yourself in a pungent nose-stinging cologne and practice your sexy O faces in the mirror because it’s DATE NIGHT! Whether it’s a first date, last date, secret date, or a date where you are looking to get-it-onnnn, here are some suggestions for that perfect date spot no matter the situation, all aimed to enhance […]

Villa Crespo Is The Hotness: Best Restaurants in Villa Crespo

hot pastrami nails

Villa Crespo is the new Palermo, except much cooler, and has been for some time.  Venture off to the VC for some restaurants that are two thumbs up fine holiday fun. Here is my rundown of the best that Palermo Queens (what a ridiculously invented name) has to offer.  Take a culinary food tour through […]

The Buenos Aires Vegetarian Dilemma: What to eat in Argentina?


As a former vegetarian for many years, once I moved to Buenos Aires I quickly put a halt to my plant-eating ways and succumbed to the carnivorous lure of the beef.  For those strong-willed who have yet to cross over to the dark side, make sure to not fall victim of the endless cheese and […]