Eat the Buenos Aires Seasons: Fall / Otoño Produce


In Buenos Aires, it’s not hard to eat seasonally. If an ingredient isn’t in season, it’s not available. Or it’s really expensive. Or it probably tastes heinous. There’s nothing like a tomato in the summer with the flavor of an actual juicy tomato, a 10 peso creamy avocado in late spring, a deep orange roasted pumpkin in the […]

The Brunchfast Club: Where to Brunchear Your Corazón Out


Buenos Aires has gone LOCO for brunch. In a city that traditionally never used to eat a hearty meal in the morning – unless it was leftovers from an asado the night before – it seems like every café has been popping up offering non-Argie breakfast foods that go far beyond medialunas, cortados and tostados. Brunch, brúnch, broonch, brunchear, bruncheamos, bruncheando, bruncheada, brunchmance (romantic […]


Oui Oui, Brunch Brunch, Yes Yes


The pioneer in the Buenos Aires brunch movement, Oui Oui has been around since the beginning of breakfast time, brunchificando the hell out of Palermo before brunchear even became a verb, and Palermo took the Hollywood suffix.  


The BA Top 25: Best New Restaurants, Bars and Cafés in Buenos Aires 2013

Slow clap it up because 2013 was a helluva year, pushing Buenos Aires closer to that culinary destination in the sky. Let’s reminisce and gush over master bartenders paying homage to their aperitivo Argentine roots, while also giving an erect salute to the eclectic mix of restaurant openings that have continued to show that Buenos […]


Pain et Vin: All You Need is Wine. And Bread. And Cheese. And Sandwiches.


If I was the type to play a pointless hypothetical stranded-on-a-desert-island game, I’d choose to be stuck with some hot bread, sensual cheese, sexy wine, and erect jolty coffee. So imagine the utter rejoice shed when Pain et Vin in Palermo Soho opened its doors for a wine-bread-cheese-coffee-Palermonites dream come true.


Avocado Toast: Because It’s Nature’s Butter, Bitch

poached egg

  Butter me up with your healthy sultry oils because it’s time to break the fast with some avocado toasts. It’s a food fact that avocado makes anything taste better. Ready in under five minutes, nutritious, filling, flavorful, and fat in all the right curvaceous places, it’s time to make avocado toast your go-to breakfast-lunch-dinner-snack.


How To Turn On An Oven in Argentina


Follow these ten easy steps to turn on your oven in Argentina: Light a match. Stick your hand into the gas chamber while simultaneously holding down the dial on the top of the stove. Close your eyes otherwise they will be burned by toxic gases. Re-do steps 1-3 because the inflamed match is about to […]


Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie Empanadas

baaaaked empanadas

I’m really into stuffing random (edible) things into empanadas lately, and since chicken pot pies have always been a comfort food favorite, why not combine this flaky soul warming dish with Argentina’s favorite quick meal?


The Buenos Aires Market

BA market

There’s really nothing better on a sunny, springtime Buenos Aires day than trucking over to the Bosques de Palermo (en bici, of course), to dodge the slow walking-mate drinking pedestrians, collide with erratic bike riding children, and watch pre-teens on roller skates eat shit hard on the pavement. You might think it wasn’t possible for the Bosques to get any busier […]