Buenos Aires Hit List: A Recap of New Restaurants in 2016


There’s never been a shortage of places to dine in Buenos Aires, but really memorable food experiences didn’t happen every day. Until now, that is. As we approach BA’s restaurant golden era, we can see that new and exciting spots are no longer the exception to the parrilla-pasta-pizza-Palermo rule. Instead, innovative newcomers are popping up in every barrio, […]


The Slurping Ramen Rundown


The long night has come and a steaming bowl of ramen comes with it. Ramen has always existed in BA but it seems like in the past year food obsessors have gone totally loco for ramen. And that’s a really good thing because a life without ramen is no life at all. The Japanese soup with Chinese-style noodles, powerful bone broth, […]


A Totally Biased Guide to the Best Pizza in Buenos Aires


 “YANQUI DE MIERDA GO HOME! VOLVETE AL PAIS DE LOS OBESOS MORBIDOS!!!!!” That was the all caps lock love letter I received a few years ago after mentioning I wasn’t fond of Argentine pizza. Note to self: if you fuck with Argies and their pizza, they take it personally and may threaten your life. Sorry Porteños, you will […]


Burgers Are the New Black

Burger Joint Jamaican

Burgers are so much more than the latest food trend, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s scientifically proven that people are instantly happier while eating an awesome burger, so imagine the edible anti-depressant delight to see the hamburger party train finally make its way to Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires, burgers are the new black. Following in […]


The Modern Manduque Porteño: Astor


November 2015 – ASTOR IS CLOSED, ANTICIPATED TO RE-OPEN IN SAN TELMO A wonderful welcome to the restaurant community, after just one visit I already knew Astor would become my top pick for best new spot in 2013 for the following reasons: creative cooking + great ingredients + interesting flavors + inviting atmosphere + classic porteño decor presented in a fresh way + buena […]


I Got 99 Problems But A Café Ain’t One: The Best Coffee in Buenos Aires


For a city with such a vibrant café-going culture, Buenos Aires certainly does serve quite a shitty cup of coffee. Burnt poor quality beans that have been sugar roasted and probably made in a machine that hasn’t been cleaned since 1998 tend to totally disappoint those coffee snobs aficionados that long for a cup of the good stuff. But no longer […]


The Lucky Eight: Best Chinese Restaurants in Buenos Aires


It’s time we all toss aside ground beef empanada filled “spring rolls” with fluorescent pink sweet and sour sweet sauce, say chau-chau to chaw fan, put down the fork, pick up some chopsticks, and tuck into a slightly more authentic world of Chinese cuisine. Here are my top 8 picks for the best Chinese restaurants in Buenos […]


La Más Querida: A beloved pizza a la parrilla love story


UPDATE June 2016: La Mas Querida now has a new Palermo Hollywood location –> Carranza 1875.  It’s only natural for Argentina’s favorite cooking contraption to mate with the number one fast food to form an illegitimate food baby. Some would say it’s the antithesis of what porteño pizza is all about, and maybe that’s why I love […]


Buenos Aires Street Food: A Bizarre Bondiola in the Woods


I’ve searched far and wide, from Costanera Norte to Sur, on an endless quest for Buenos Aires’ best bondiola sandwich. After upsetting the treif heavens (sorry Rabbi) on many failed attempts, I’m happy to announce this porky oinky life achievement.


Lost in Belgrano: Bistro Tokyo


Bistro Tokyo isn’t some new hidden gem that magically dropped from the sushi heavens. It’s one of those spots that has been quietly off the radar for a few years, favorited by those Japanese food lovers who really know what’s up. Even though I added it long ago to my Buenos Aires restaurant hit list, […]