Buenos Aires Hit List: A Recap of New Restaurants in 2016


There’s never been a shortage of places to dine in Buenos Aires, but really memorable food experiences didn’t happen every day. Until now, that is. As we approach BA’s restaurant golden era, we can see that new and exciting spots are no longer the exception to the parrilla-pasta-pizza-Palermo rule. Instead, innovative newcomers are popping up in every barrio, […]


A Buenos Aires Empanada Quest: An Endless Search for the Empanada of My Dreams


The original Essential Guide to Empanadas in Buenos Aires can also be read on the great FoodieHub.  Argentina is all about the empanada. You won’t walk a block without encountering some sort of establishment that sells the coveted handheld pocket of love. But after living in Buenos Aires for many years, you learn one thing quickly: […]


Burgers Are the New Black

Burger Joint Jamaican

Burgers are so much more than the latest food trend, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s scientifically proven that people are instantly happier while eating an awesome burger, so imagine the edible anti-depressant delight to see the hamburger party train finally make its way to Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires, burgers are the new black. Following in […]


The Modern Manduque Porteño: Astor


November 2015 – ASTOR IS CLOSED, ANTICIPATED TO RE-OPEN IN SAN TELMO A wonderful welcome to the restaurant community, after just one visit I already knew Astor would become my top pick for best new spot in 2013 for the following reasons: creative cooking + great ingredients + interesting flavors + inviting atmosphere + classic porteño decor presented in a fresh way + buena […]


An Open Love Letter to Lamb Empanadas


My Dearest Lamb Empanadas, When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with something, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.


#MyHomeTownGuide – Buenos Aires Eats For Five Food Occasions


“What’s the best restaurant in Buenos Aires?” I probably get asked that impossible question at least once a day, and will never be able to answer in a concrete way. It’s like I’ll always be on that endless quest to find the great Buenos Aires edible and drinkable spots. So when asked to create this […]


The Best Buenos Aires Restaurants For Cheap Bastards

Cheap dining

Sometimes I get attacked by a dark hole of self-induced extranjero depression, where just whipping out an old BA guidebook, glancing at an outdated travel article, or deciphering a price crossed out pizzería menu gives me the uncontrollable urge to play the Inflations-A-Bitch pity party game. With restaurant costs catapulting skyward, inflation at a ridiculous high, it’s […]


Sushi Delivery: Kokoro Sushi


Kokoro sushi has what it takes to be a great go-to sushi delivery spot: super fresh fish, inventive rolls, high quality products, rice properly cooked, tasty sauce accompaniments, expert color-coated packaging, and a full menu that’s not insanely priced. A new school of Japanese-Peruvian sushi fusion to your door, sashimi, niguiri, tiraditos and rolls make […]


The Buenos Aires Market

BA market

There’s really nothing better on a sunny, springtime Buenos Aires day than trucking over to the Bosques de Palermo (en bici, of course), to dodge the slow walking-mate drinking pedestrians, collide with erratic bike riding children, and watch pre-teens on roller skates eat shit hard on the pavement. You might think it wasn’t possible for the Bosques to get any busier […]


Wrapping N Rolling with Fitz Roll


Palermo Hollywood lunch crew, here’s a quick lil’ gem for a midday munch. Fast food done differently, this hole-in-the-wall nestled snuggly on Fitz Roy, rolls out fatty wraps filled with your own choice of produce-protein prime packed goodness.