The Empanada Tour of Salta


What does one do when in Salta? I have two words for you… EMPANADAS SALTEÑAS. I had an ambitious plan for my day in Salta: an empanada walking tour across the city’s capital to eat at as many empanada shops as possible. Forget vacationing in Punta del Este, this year hit up Salta and go on a great empanada journey. […]


Burgers Are the New Black

Burger Joint Jamaican

Burgers are so much more than the latest food trend, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s scientifically proven that people are instantly happier while eating an awesome burger, so imagine the edible anti-depressant delight to see the hamburger party train finally make its way to Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires, burgers are the new black. Following in […]


Farmisht, Fercockt, and Verklempt at Mishiguene


When I first heard about a restaurant classy-ing up Jewish cooking, I didn’t like the concept. “Gourmet Jewish Food” seemed like a pretentious oxymoron. I don’t want to see the food from my childhood turn into tiny portions, meticulously presented in a trendy Palermo restaurant. Give me my fattyfat Jewish deli sandwiches and my Grandma […]


Sushi Delivery: Kokoro Sushi


Kokoro sushi has what it takes to be a great go-to sushi delivery spot: super fresh fish, inventive rolls, high quality products, rice properly cooked, tasty sauce accompaniments, expert color-coated packaging, and a full menu that’s not insanely priced. A new school of Japanese-Peruvian sushi fusion to your door, sashimi, niguiri, tiraditos and rolls make […]


Bar du Marché: A Glass of France with a side of Nikkei


Part wine bar, part cheese bar, part French bistro and part closed door Japanese restaurant, Dear Bar du Marché, here’s a big fat sloppy wet beso bienvenido to the neighborhood. Praise to the sashimi-loving charcuterie gods, this adorably charming go-to spot breaks from the Palermo Hollywood bruncheando-café Nicaragua street norm and offers a petit piece of Paris with a […]


La Cresta: Winning Over Almagro

la cresta

A new food trend is storming across Buenos Aires: a modernized version of fast food to-go, offering an unorthodox porteño menu of ethnic-influenced healthy-ish grub. La Cresta might be one of the biggest gangstas in the para llevar gang, specializing in juicy, crispy rotisserie chicken, inventive salads and flavor filled wraps. 


Smeterling: Recoleta’s Sweetest Gem


The Buenos Aires sweets scene just doesn’t really do it for me. Always a bit dry and heavy-handed on the dulce de leche, it’s never been too hard to pass on postre and just say no… Until I visited Smeterling, a modern boutique bakery wonderland, created by and for lovers of the art of pastry. One of the […]


I Latina: The Caribbean of Buenos Aires


Even though it’s one of the biggest cities in South America, Buenos Aires sure lacks quality Latin American restaurants. Desperately longing for more food options coming from our friendly Spanish speaking Caribbean neighbors to the north, I Latina, the new and extremely anticipated puerta cerrada, has finally opened their closed doors to bring something quite gastronomically unique to the […]


Café San Juan: Worth the Hype

cafe sanjuan

If Tony Hawk and Chef Ludo had a love baby, it would probably come out something like Leandro ‘Lele’ Cristóbal of the acclaimed Café San Juan.  Sexy Argentine celebrity mega chef, total groso in the kitchen, TV personality, reality TV show star, tattooed douche bag bad ass, and skater boy playa has made Café San Juan one of the most popular restaurants […]