This Is Why You’re Fat: August Edition


Quests for bloody Marys, a gastro-trip to the Ukraine, new closed-door restaurants, sandwiches and brunches galore, here are some food highlights (and low lights) of August eats. Oh, and a big RIP to my camera. It’s broken (probably caused by too much food inside the lens), which means I must take a food porn hiatus. […]


Israeli Food, I Love You

israeli salads

Israel, the fruitful land of milk and hummus, where the Israeli salads flow like Kosher wine and tender balls of fried falafel grow on trees. After I fell in love with Israeli food porn for the first time, our relationship has blossomed in a deep and meaningful way. Just like Tim Whatley converted to Judaism for […]


Food Porn Depression: Yanquiland Chapter

shake shack

I always go into a deep, dark pit of food depression once back in Buenos Aires after an extended vacation. Generally, that intense culinary homesick feeling comes into full force Day 2 of being back, around lunch time or inside a supermarket, when I get a huge cock slap realization to the face: the food […]


Israeli Food Porn


Spending two weeks in the Homeland, I quickly found out that Israeli food is much more than shawarma, falafel and hummus.  On the four meal per day regime, I became obsessed with eating my way through this Middle Eastern Mediterranean country: fresh chopped vegetables, iced cafés, salads, Israeli breakfasts, homemade breads, fresh fish and tahina-rich flavors. […]


El Asado Más Grande Del Mundo


Yet another thing for Argentines to boast about, the town of General Pico in La Pampa has just won the Guinness World Record for the largest asado in the world!  With over 45 pairs of asadores (those who MAN the grill) and 13,713 kilos of meat, Argentina proudly took over Uruguay’s title set in 2008.  The […]


First Days in the USA

USA food

“What do you miss about the USA?” is on the top 5 list of questions that many expats are asked when being quizzed about their reasons for living abroad.  As a shallow, culinary obsessed, mid-twenty something, my answer will always remain something superficial.  These days with the glories of social media and the wonders of […]