Supermarket Sweep, Argie Style


Some girls like to shop for shoes and clothes, I choose to watch my bank account melt away on fancy cheeses, condiments, spices and booze. Normally I could spend hours food shopping, but walking into the chino or supermarket in Buenos Aires is a totally different story. I’ve always said that I could live in Argentina forever, […]


Hay Producto Argentino: Masticar Market


Masticar, the country’s most hyped food fair and overall edible love fest, saw over 110,000 people who came out for the ultimate Palermo gorging orgy (gorgy?). While many chef groupies flocked to take selfies with Masterchefs, the real celebrity action was going down in the mercado, where 80 producers from 19 provinces showed off their […]


Product of the day: Bocadito Marroc


Argentina’s answer to a Reese’s peanut butter cup, there’s something about the smooth velvety chocolate square that makes it impossible to pop just one. It’s made by Felfort (RIP Ricky) and this lil’ nug of layered chocolate-peanut crack is always around to pick you up in the morning, melt away your afternoon drama, and put […]


A Feria de Mataderos Photo Food Tour


It’s hard to believe that after living in Buenos Aires for over 7 years, I never made it to the Feria de Mataderos. I guess I always passed it off as a pointless touristic activity, crawling with La Boca Caminito types; big boned tourists who are suited up to go trekking in foothills of San […]


The Delicious C Word at Sugar and Spice


If you walk around Palermo Hollywood, your dog-like senses may lead you towards a wondrous scent of glorious, fresh and homey baked goods. No, this isn’t a factura-filled bakery or a medialuna-café haven, it’s a cookie factory hidden on Guatemala street that sells some of this country’s best baked up goodness like cookies, biscotti, brownies, bagels, budines, […]


Product of the day: The Toddy Cookie


PRAISE to the kiosco dioses, because Toddy Cookies have arrived. Sweeping the supermercado and chino shelves, this crack-like cookie is one of the best (and worst) things that has ever happened to the cookie loving porteño world. Sweet, crunchy, crackity, chocolatey, chipity, put on your cookie pants because it’s time to go loco for the holy Toddy […]


This Is Why You’re Fat: September Edition

choli lick

Another month has passed, the weather got nice, titties came out, then it got cold again, titties went back inside sweaters, and everyone complained. Just like every month, September was filled with good food, bad food and my-diet-starts-tomorrow promises. Here’s the monthly rundown of exactly why you’re still fat.


An Open Letter to Maní Japonés


Dear Maní Japonés, I love your salty, crunchy morsels of peanuty wonder. I don’t know what makes you Japanese, but you certainly are addictively delicious. I’m glad you are served in homemade plastic see-through packaging, without any nutritional facts on the label, because I’m sure if I saw what you were really made of, I’d feel extra […]


The Buenos Aires Market

BA market

There’s really nothing better on a sunny, springtime Buenos Aires day than trucking over to the Bosques de Palermo (en bici, of course), to dodge the slow walking-mate drinking pedestrians, collide with erratic bike riding children, and watch pre-teens on roller skates eat shit hard on the pavement. You might think it wasn’t possible for the Bosques to get any busier […]


This Is Why You’re Fat: August Edition


Quests for bloody Marys, a gastro-trip to the Ukraine, new closed-door restaurants, sandwiches and brunches galore, here are some food highlights (and low lights) of August eats. Oh, and a big RIP to my camera. It’s broken (probably caused by too much food inside the lens), which means I must take a food porn hiatus. […]