La Crespo’s Latkes Recipe


It’s essential to celebrate Hanukkah (Janucá) in Argentina with a batch of crispy potato latkes. My favorite Argentine-Jewish mother, chef/owner Clarisa Krivopisk of La Crespo, shows me her spin on the festive potato pancake. “I make latkes like a Jewish mother. I don’t follow a recipe. I add a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and […]


A Very Merry Buenos Aires Bloody Mary


A big lispy spit filled Pfffft in yo face if you are the type who says it isn’t possible to get the ingredients to make a proper Bloody Mary in Buenos Aires. You don’t need no fancy tomato juice, V8, or Bloody Mary mix to make this spicy morning ruby love nectar. While this recipe does call for […]


Avocado Toast: Because It’s Nature’s Butter, Bitch

poached egg

  Butter me up with your healthy sultry oils because it’s time to break the fast with some avocado toasts. It’s a food fact that avocado makes anything taste better. Ready in under five minutes, nutritious, filling, flavorful, and fat in all the right curvaceous places, it’s time to make avocado toast your go-to breakfast-lunch-dinner-snack.


Pomegranate Season: Pomegranate Quinoa Israeli Salad


Fall has hit Buenos Aires, and so has the autumn produce: squash, mandarin oranges, apples, eggplant, tomatoes and my personal favorite: pomegranate (granada). Who cares if I’ve been staining my clothes and entire kitchen with the deep red juicy seed dye, totally worth it to reap the benefits of this super food. Pomegranates are a wonderful […]


Tickle My Pickle: The Lazy Impatient Pickling Fool


Once a master pickler tried to teach me how to make pickles. Brining, canning, sterilizing, waiting for weeks until it was ready. Way too much work for my impatient stomach, I royally messed it up by prematurely opening the jar, which ultimately left me with a mighty flaccid dill. I needed instant pickle gratification. I set off on […]


The Best Hot Weather Cold Healthy Soup: Gazpacho

cold soup

It’s way too hot to cook, so this crazy heatwave calls for a quick and easy healthy Spanish summer soup: Gazpacho! Why is this chilled soup the ideal summer recipe? It takes less than 10 minutes to make, is super fresh and has a cool name. 


This Is Why You’re Fat: September Edition

choli lick

Another month has passed, the weather got nice, titties came out, then it got cold again, titties went back inside sweaters, and everyone complained. Just like every month, September was filled with good food, bad food and my-diet-starts-tomorrow promises. Here’s the monthly rundown of exactly why you’re still fat.


Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie Empanadas

baaaaked empanadas

I’m really into stuffing random (edible) things into empanadas lately, and since chicken pot pies have always been a comfort food favorite, why not combine this flaky soul warming dish with Argentina’s favorite quick meal?


This Is Why You’re Fat: August Edition


Quests for bloody Marys, a gastro-trip to the Ukraine, new closed-door restaurants, sandwiches and brunches galore, here are some food highlights (and low lights) of August eats. Oh, and a big RIP to my camera. It’s broken (probably caused by too much food inside the lens), which means I must take a food porn hiatus. […]