The No Man’s Land Everyman’s Burger at Tierra de Nadie

tdn outside

Caballito isn’t necessarily known for its hopping food scene, but one diamond in the rough is starting to change that… one juicy hamburger at a time. A totally contemporary fast food jam that does circles around the neighboring competition, you’d think it would belong in Palermo or San Telmo but instead it’s nestled comfortably in no man’s land.  Continue reading

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#MyHomeTownGuide – Buenos Aires Eats For Five Food Occasions


“What’s the best restaurant in Buenos Aires?” I probably get asked that impossible question at least once a day, and will never be able to answer in a concrete way. It’s like I’ll always be on that endless quest to find the great Buenos Aires edible and drinkable spots. So when asked to create this “Hometown Guide” of the best 5 restaurants in Buenos Aires, my response was simple – not even HE almighty of the food world who possesses God-like all knowing restaurant superpowers could give you a top 5 list of the best Buenos Aires restaurants, there are just too many variables involved. In a city with an infinite amount of restaurants, bars and everything in between, there are countless hidden gems, restaurants openings, cafés closing down, cooks improving, and kitchens getting shittier one steak at a time. But all this rambling aside, and although my choices will probably change tomorrow, I can provide a list of my favorite Buenos Aires eats for a handful of food situations.

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The Meat Eating Vegetarian Option: Hierbabuena


All natural-centric restaurants should follow the Hierbabuena model. A cheerful food haven that welcomes all dietary walks of life – the meat eaters, the vegans, the vegetarians, the pescetarians, the lactose intolerants, the celiacs, and the gluten free-ers. It’s a different take on what it means to eat conscientiously as a carnivore-friendly vegetarian restaurant where meat eaters can feel at ease in a green bizarro restaurant world. Continue reading

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The Lucky Eight: Best Chinese Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Shan DongIt’s time we all toss aside ground beef empanada filling “spring rolls” with fluorescent pink sweet and sour sweet sauce, say chau-chau to chaw fan, put down the fork, pick up some chopsticks, and tuck into a more authentic world of Chinese cuisine. Here are the top 8 picks for the best Chinese restaurants in Buenos Aires.

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Teamim: A Little Taste of Israel in Almagro


Buenos Aires is no stranger to Mediterranean flavors. With a history of Middle Eastern (mostly Syrian and Lebanese) and Armenian immigration, each with culturally active communities, it’s pretty easy to find your face nose deep in shawarma. But this one Almagro hole in the wall a few blocks away from Parque Centenario stands out from the rest with properly made hummus, eggplant dip, shawarma, and falafel — all done the Israeli way.

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DOGG: Getting It On Hot Doggy Style


It’s time to forever bid farewell to your favorite pancho stand, because a beautiful all beef salchicha has hit the streets of BA. Packed with juicy beef, grilled on the parrilla, nestled inside a pillowy fresh bun and served with a glorious selection of fresh toppings and interesting sauces, all of our long and pink wiener-y hot dog dreams have finally come true.

Once you go DOGG, you’ll never go back.

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Oui Oui, Brunch Brunch, Yes Yes


The pioneer in the Buenos Aires brunch movement, Oui Oui has been around since the beginning of breakfast time, brunchificando the hell out of Palermo before brunchear even became a verb, and Palermo took the Hollywood suffix.   Continue reading

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La Más Querida: A beloved pizza a la parrilla love story


It’s only natural for Argentina’s favorite cooking contraption to mate with the number one fast food to form an illegitimate food baby. Some would say it’s the antithesis of what porteño pizza is all about, and maybe that’s why I love it so much: thin crust, a plethora of adventurous toppings, and dipping sauces on the side, it’s time to get into La Más Querida’s beloved pizza a la parrilla. Continue reading

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The BA Top 25: Best New Restaurants, Bars and Cafés in Buenos Aires 2013

Year in review1Slow clap it up because 2013 was a helluva year, pushing Buenos Aires closer to that culinary destination in the sky. Let’s reminisce and gush over master bartenders paying homage to their aperitivo Argentine roots, while also giving an erect salute to the eclectic mix of restaurant openings that have continued to show that Buenos Aires is oh-so-much more than parrilla, pizza, and empanadas. As we enter into 2014, with full stomachs and even higher blood alcohol level, let’s do what every other publication does and round up the whole year in one article listing the best top new restaurants, bars and cafés of dos-mil-trece. Continue reading

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A Very Merry Buenos Aires Bloody Mary


A big lispy spit filled Pfffft in yo face if you are the type who says it isn’t possible to get the ingredients to make a proper Bloody Mary in Buenos Aires. You don’t need no fancy tomato juice, V8, or Bloody Mary mix to make this spicy morning ruby love nectar. While this recipe does call for a handful of specific ingredients you probably don’t have on hand, once you buy the Bloody Mary staples, you’ll be whipping up so many of these brunch time delights, your loved ones will begin to think you have a drinking problem. But it doesn’t matter, because you’ll want to marry (or civil union) this Mary. Continue reading

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