The Ugly

Looking for the best restaurants to eat out in Buenos Aires? Well, going to one of these restaurants is like flushing money down the toilet, only you leave less satisfied.

  • Acabar (Honduras 5733, Palermo Hollywood): Bar games, bad food
  • Ambiente Wok (Marcelo T. de Alvear 997, Recoleta): Asian themed
  • Asia de Cuba (Pierina Dealessi 750, Puerto Madero): Sushi / Japanese Boliche
  • Brunoise (La Pampa 3040, Belgrano): French somewhat, inedible sweet gooey fish. Ribs were OK.
  • Celetto (Uriburu 1274, Recoleta): Italian
  • Cilantro (Tomas de Anchorena 1122, Recoleta): Asian/Mediterranean
  • Cocina Rodante Griega (Pop Up): “Greek” food
  • Delywok (Junin 1155, Recoleta): Tenedor libre
  • El Anden (Santa Fé y Arévalo, Carranza Subte Stop): Café/Argentine all in one
  • El Manto (Palermo): Overpriced Middle Eastern
  • El Salto de las Ranas (Rodriguez Peña 1164, Recoleta): “Mexican”
  • Esquina de las Flores (Gurruchaga 1630, Palermo Soho): Vegetarian, natural
  • French Resto Lounge (French 2220, Barrio Norte): Low calorie under 1500 calories
  • Gout Café (Juncal 2124, Recoleta): Café, sandwiches
  • Krishna (Malabia 1833, Palermo Soho): Natural Vegetarian “Indian”
  • La Reina Kunti (Humahuaca 3461, Almagro): Indian Vegetarian
  • Limbo (Armenia 1820, Palermo Soho): Balsamic vinegar or soy sauce salad dressing game
  • Makena (Fitz Roy): Great bar, terrible picadas
  • Milion (Paraná 1048, Recoleta): Lovely atmosphere, not good food
  • Mole Tacos Fonda Mexicana (Cabildo 1368, Belgrano): Mexican
  • Muu Lecheria (Armenia 1810, Palermo Soho): “American”
  • Parrilla 22 (Carranza 1950, Palermo Hollywood): Good option for cheap parrilla
  • Pequeño San (Azcuenaga y Arenales, Recoleta):Café by day, inedible sushi by night
  • Punta Brasas (Honduras 5702, Palermo Hollywood): Awful parrilla
  • Rio Café (Honduras 4772, Palermo Soho): Go for the drinks, not for the food
  • Sushi Pop (Delivery sushi): Cheap, but do you like staples in your sushi?
  • Valparaíso (Nicaragua 6078, Palermo Hollywood): Expensive, not good Chilean
  • Van Koning (Báez 325, Las Cañitas): Good bar, awful food
  • Vera Cruz (Godoy Cruz 1819, Palermo Soho): Mexican, Since when is mole chocolate sauce + tabasco?
  • Voltaire Coffee & Deli (Carranza 1946, Palermo Hollywood): Salads & bugs.

Cockroach is your salad? Match stick in your Kimchee? Staple on your sushi? Let’s hear your ugliest Argentina food experience!

6 Responses to The Ugly

  1. Eric says:

    Kentucky Pizzeria in Once… I believe it was a few blocks south of Plaza miserere on Rivadavia(Heading towards downtown) My empanada had glass in it and the waiters didn’t really see anything strange about it. kentucky is awesome, but stay away from the Once ‘sucursales’

  2. Augustine says:

    It might trick you how lovely Bartola looks from the outside (me, I’m just tired of seeing restaurants that look all the same with their “hippie chick style though”) but the food and the service was so laim and expensive…
    I’ve also read that Crisol had nice brunches, but when I got there and tried to ask something from the menu, almost nothing was left… and the place looked so pathetic that I stood up and left the place.
    M Buenos Aires looks fancy, cool and new yorker, still the food sucked a bit. No surprising flavours, not original proposals, not cheap. I think it was not worth paying that amount of money when there are so many JapPeruvian Restos en BA.

    En fin…
    Your blog rocks Allie, I’ll let you know if I get disappointed again to give you the heads up!

  3. In 2007…maybe 2008? I don’t quite remember, but that’s not important. I checked out Oleo for Sushi in Caballito….I went with whatever had the highest rating that met my search criteria. I should have been worried when i asked if the tuna roll could come without mayo (my naive-self at the time thought, “jeez….Argentines really love mayonnaise!”). The waitress told me she would see what she could do. The food came, she apologized that it would be impossible without mayonnaise, and to my surprise… was canned tuna salad wrapped up in rice and seaweed, sprinkled with a few sesame seeds. I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t dared to try to find a sushi spot in BSAS since (or use Oleo for more than an address).

    • Anonymous says:

      hi kelly!
      That’s actually what tuna sushis are like here. I guess fresh tuna is just way too expensive? There are great sushi places around. Tuna rolls will stay tuna rolls though, even in good sushi places!

  4. Moni says:

    Raw fish in Casa Cruz, and no, it wasnt sushi!

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