How To Turn On An Oven in Argentina


Follow these ten easy steps to turn on your oven in Argentina: Light a match. Stick your hand into the gas chamber while simultaneously holding down the dial on the top of the stove. Close your eyes otherwise they will be burned by toxic gases. Re-do steps 1-3 because the inflamed match is about to […]


Big Al’s Badass Brioche Buns


Guest post written by Alan Epstein aka Big Al aka Al Doggy Dogg aka The Rainmaker “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun.” – Sir Mix-A-Lot  I’ve always been impressed by Sir Mix-A-Lot’s sage-like wisdom on the importance of being selective about the buns in which you serve your meat. I’m gonna […]


Café San Juan: Worth the Hype

cafe sanjuan

If Tony Hawk and Chef Ludo had a love baby, it would probably come out something like Leandro ‘Lele’ Cristóbal of the acclaimed Café San Juan.  Sexy Argentine celebrity mega chef, total groso in the kitchen, TV personality, reality TV show star, tattooed douche bag bad ass, and skater boy playa has made Café San Juan one of the most popular restaurants […]


Flirk Down The Pork

pick up de fork

One of my hobbies is tracking my website stats, to see what the cool kids are typing into google these days, and how they find this silly Buenos Aires food blog.  After months of schizophrenically laughing about hundreds of terms to myself, it’s time to share the pure google-search gold.  For this first post on the […]


The Perfect Plate of Rabas: El Preferido de Palermo


Long before Palermo Soho flooded with overly trendy porteños, when Spanish was still the dominate language of the neighborhood, El Preferido de Palermo opened as a standard almácen-like bodegón: no frills, attentive service, solid food.  Since the opening in 1952, this restaurant on the corner of Guatemala and Borges has stayed true to its heritage, […]


Loreto Garden Bar


It’s mighty refreshing finding a solid lunch spot that breaks away from the Palermo café-lunch-brunch scene epicenter.  Loreto Garden Bar, situated in a residential part of Colegiales, is an ideal warm-weather spot, to sit outside, and have a mighty tasty lunch.  Loreto’s menu may seem like any old Argie café menu of burger-sandwich-salad-tarta-offerings, but look a bit […]


BBQ Town: Korean BBQ Right In Your Backyard

bbq town spread

Barrio Chino, my culinary mecca, and home to many disappointing Chinese restaurants (except Asia Oriental counter and Hong Kong Style), has now just gotten a lot more interesting: spicy kimchee, beautiful bulgogi, more than 25 small plates of hot and cold dishes, soup, oysters, bacon, shrimp, lettuce wraps, dumplings – I could go on and on. […]


The Perfect Buenos Aires Brunch

brunch perfction

One time in my life I had the perfect brunch in Buenos Aires. A brunch filled with bagels, French toast casserole drenched in maple syrup, salty and savory cold cuts, an assortment of flavored cream cheeses, bacon, fruit, granola, yogurt, fresh baked challah, all the fixings you could dream of, juice, champagne, vodka, gin, cucumber […]


Buenos Aires All Star Restaurant: Paraje Arevalo

Paraje Arevalo

On a quiet Palermo Hollywood corner lies just one of the most quaint, pleasant, delicious little restaurants you ever did see.  Simple in decor, Paraje Arevalo (Arévalo 1502) focuses on the food, excellent food that reaches a level that is hard to find in this city. Unique, inventive, with keen eye on presentation, the young […]


A Springtime Spot: FLORENCIO


**FLORENCIO IS NOW CLOSED AT THIS LOCATION, BUT STILL OPEN IN RECOLETA** Florencio’s tiny café situated on a charming cobblestone street near the British Embassy was always a top choice to send visitors in the Recoleta area.  Even though it is one of my favorite merienda spots in the city, with only a few tables, […]