Buenos Aires Hit List: A Recap of New Restaurants in 2016


There’s never been a shortage of places to dine in Buenos Aires, but really memorable food experiences didn’t happen every day. Until now, that is. As we approach BA’s restaurant golden era, we can see that new and exciting spots are no longer the exception to the parrilla-pasta-pizza-Palermo rule. Instead, innovative newcomers are popping up in every barrio, […]


Pick Up the Fork: Comiendo Buenos Aires on UN3

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.55.05 AM

Awwww shit! Pick Up the Fork is busting out onto the (somewhat) big screen to entertain appetites with some of  porteñolandia’s greatest food hits. Stay tuned weekly for new episodes –> Watch on UN3.TV  Made with lots of fatty love by the genios of Building Motion Ideas.


The Mid-Year Hit List: 15 New Buenos Aires Restaurants in 2014

It’s only the first half of 2014 and the city has already exploded with new places to eat out. There seems to be a common trend with this Freshman class of newbies that I’m totally digging. It’s a general theme that is setting a new tone for the future way Buenos Aires dines: cooks and chefs as owners, involved in small […]


The Modern Manduque Porteño: Astor


November 2015 – ASTOR IS CLOSED, ANTICIPATED TO RE-OPEN IN SAN TELMO A wonderful welcome to the restaurant community, after just one visit I already knew Astor would become my top pick for best new spot in 2013 for the following reasons: creative cooking + great ingredients + interesting flavors + inviting atmosphere + classic porteño decor presented in a fresh way + buena […]


More Brunch, Less Hype: A Triste Brunch at Sirop Folie


Very high hopes were set for the brunch at Sirop Folie. Mentioned in many of the guidebooks, food blogs and online food guides when talking brunch in Buenos Aires, Sirop Folie Resto & Tea Corner made it to the top of many bruncheando lists. Perhaps blame it on high expectations, but this sad, expensive Recoleta spot […]


Sudestada, High Winds with a Great Lunch Special


Back in the good ole BA days, when the colectivo cost 80 centavos, Sudestada offered one of the best lunch specials in Palermo.  Fast forward a few years, add a 70% price increase and an inflations-a-bitch tax, and this Southeast Asian inspired restaurant still remains a long standing Buenos Aires lunch special favorite.


The Chinese Food Counter: Asia Oriental Supermarket in Barrio Chino

Asia Oriental

ASIA ORIENTALS BAR HAS CLOSED! BACK UP: MIAN near the tracks, Mendoza 1725 for dumplings + peanut noodles. Oh, how I love you Asia Oriental food counter. With your pungent fishy odors, uncomfortable bar stools, over-crowded narrow eating space and disorganized inattentive service, you always put that cherry on top of my already rewarding Buenos Aires Barrio Chino […]


Full City Coffee House: Real Coffee Has Finally Arrived

full city coffee house

**FULL CITY COFFEE HOUSE HAS CHANGED LOCATIONS AND IS NOW IN PALERMO SOHO ON THAMES** Coffee lovers look no further, your days of disappointed watered-down, milk bathed, sugar roasted cortados are over. Full City Coffee House in Chacarita is the absolute real deal, serving their own brand of high quality Colombian coffee and becoming one […]


Hot Date In Buenos Aires: Perfect Date Spots For Any Occasion

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Unwrap the romance-enhanced clichés, drown yourself in a pungent nose-stinging cologne and practice your sexy O faces in the mirror because it’s DATE NIGHT! Whether it’s a first date, last date, secret date, or a date where you are looking to get-it-onnnn, here are some suggestions for that perfect date spot no matter the situation.


A Very Random Round Up: Oviedo, Las Pizarras, Primavera Trujillana


Oviedo, Las Pizzaras, Primavera Trujillana.  Spanish/Mediterranean-influenced seafood, inventive Argentine fare and Peruvian culinary wonders.  These restaurants, all extremely different, don’t really have much in common except one thing: if you are looking for a great place to eat in Buenos Aires, and want a delicious meal, you can pretty much bet you’ll find it at one […]