Shakshuka For Breakfast


Israeli breakfast might just be one of my most favorite-est things in the world, and shakshouka my even more most favoritestest parts about Israeli breakfast. A cheap, flavorful, one pot wonder, Shakshuka is my new best friend breakfast brunch lunch linner lupper dish of choice. It’s basically eggs that are poached in a spicy tomato […]


The Perfect Buenos Aires Brunch

brunch perfction

One time in my life I had the perfect brunch in Buenos Aires. A brunch filled with bagels, French toast casserole drenched in maple syrup, salty and savory cold cuts, an assortment of flavored cream cheeses, bacon, fruit, granola, yogurt, fresh baked challah, all the fixings you could dream of, juice, champagne, vodka, gin, cucumber […]


The Bacon Trials: Baines Best Bacon Delivery Bacon


The life of an amateur food blogger is quite hard work.  You have to go out to eat, take pictures of food and then write about it.  One of my most recent challenges included reviewing three pounds of glorious crispy, salty, American styled streaky bacon. And not just any bacon, the ONLY real bacon in […]


Adios Resaca, Hello Maple Syrup: Magdalena’s Party Brunch


What do classic soul jams, Bloody Marys and massive breakfast crepes have in common? Resto bar Magdalena’s Party weekend brunch offerings.  I remember back in the day when it was nearly impossible to find anything reminiscent of a good ole’ USA styled brunch – times have changed and bruncheando is a new local pastime (ranked […]


Malvón: Villa Crespo’s Perfect Café

malvon spread

Breakfast, lunch, merienda, brunch – yet another quality café has made an appearance in the up-and-coming culinary neighborhood of Villa Crespo. Situated near Buenos Aires’ outlet store central, BA meets New York in Malvón, the bread haven coffee shop.