The Brunchfast Club: Where to Brunchear Your Corazón Out


Buenos Aires has gone LOCO for brunch. In a city that traditionally never used to eat a hearty meal in the morning – unless it was leftovers from an asado the night before – it seems like every café has been popping up offering non-Argie breakfast foods that go far beyond medialunas, cortados and tostados. Brunch, brúnch, broonch, brunchear, bruncheamos, bruncheando, bruncheada, brunchmance (romantic […]


Aipim: A Latin American Gem

AIPIM IS NOW CLOSED BUT THE CHEF HAS REOPENED A NEW SPOT IN SAN TELMO: CHOCHÁN Relatively new to the Palermo Soho restaurant scene, Aipim is one of those special gems where everything on the menu looks like something you’d want to order. All the factors that make a restaurant great are there: attentive service, a […]


This Is Why You’re Fat: September Edition

choli lick

Another month has passed, the weather got nice, titties came out, then it got cold again, titties went back inside sweaters, and everyone complained. Just like every month, September was filled with good food, bad food and my-diet-starts-tomorrow promises. Here’s the monthly rundown of exactly why you’re still fat.


Villa Crespo Is The Hotness: Best Restaurants in Villa Crespo

hot pastrami nails

Villa Crespo is the new Palermo, except much cooler, and has been for some time.  Venture off to the VC for some restaurants that are two thumbs up fine holiday fun. Here is my rundown of the best that Palermo Queens (what a ridiculously invented name) has to offer.  Take a culinary food tour through […]


Olsen: The Original Buenos Aires Brunch

bloody mary olsen

OLSEN IS CLOSED. Back in the day, in the mid 2000s, before the brunch craze invaded Buenos Aires, Olsen reigned on top for THE place to brunch. Cool, sleek, modern atmosphere, minimal decor, beautifully presented food, extremely accessible prices, trendy clientele and a one-of-a-kind menu.  Stir in dozens of write ups in the popular guide books, and a […]