The Brunchfast Club: Where to Brunchear Your Corazón Out


Buenos Aires has gone LOCO for brunch. In a city that traditionally never used to eat a hearty meal in the morning – unless it was leftovers from an asado the night before – it seems like every café has been popping up offering non-Argie breakfast foods that go far beyond medialunas, cortados and tostados. Brunch, brúnch, broonch, brunchear, bruncheamos, bruncheando, bruncheada, brunchmance (romantic […]


More Brunch, Less Hype: A Triste Brunch at Sirop Folie


Very high hopes were set for the brunch at Sirop Folie. Mentioned in many of the guidebooks, food blogs and online food guides when talking brunch in Buenos Aires, Sirop Folie Resto & Tea Corner made it to the top of many bruncheando lists. Perhaps blame it on high expectations, but this sad, expensive Recoleta spot […]


Malvón: Villa Crespo’s Perfect Café

malvon spread

Breakfast, lunch, merienda, brunch – yet another quality café has made an appearance in the up-and-coming culinary neighborhood of Villa Crespo. Situated near Buenos Aires’ outlet store central, BA meets New York in Malvón, the bread haven coffee shop.


Oui Oui, Brunch Brunch, Yes Yes


The pioneer in the Buenos Aires brunch movement, Oui Oui has been around since the beginning, brunchificando the hell out of Palermo Hollywood.  A French-inspired cozy café,  Oui Oui has two locations on Nicaragua street in PoHo: the original in the middle of the street and the almacén version on the corner of Dorrego y […]