Aipim: A Latin American Gem

AIPIM IS NOW CLOSED BUT THE CHEF HAS REOPENED A NEW SPOT IN SAN TELMO: CHOCHÁN Relatively new to the Palermo Soho restaurant scene, Aipim is one of those special gems where everything on the menu looks like something you’d want to order. All the factors that make a restaurant great are there: attentive service, a […]


Cocina Sunae Closed Door Restaurant

Cocina Sudeste asiático

There’s a reason puerta cerrada Cocina Sunae has been written up in international and local publications, Chef Christina Sunae has been featured on El Gourmet channel, and it’s become one of the most well known closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires: flavor-packed, well executed Southeast Asian food.  It’s not difficult to do a search and finds tons […]


Parrillita Transeúntes: The Tranny Parrilla


**THE TRANNY PARRILLA IS NOW SADLY CLOSED** Buenos Aires may have a plethora of colorful parrillas, but none are quite like Parrilla Transeúntes.  Coined as the “Tranny Parrilla,” this meat serving establishment, sharing the same space with both a library and community center in Barracas, puts Buenos Aires on the map for one of the only […]