The BA Top 25: Best New Restaurants, Bars and Cafés in Buenos Aires 2013

Slow clap it up because 2013 was a helluva year, pushing Buenos Aires closer to that culinary destination in the sky. Let’s reminisce and gush over master bartenders paying homage to their aperitivo Argentine roots, while also giving an erect salute to the eclectic mix of restaurant openings that have continued to show that Buenos […]


The Best Unsmokeable Joint in Palermo


In a country praised for the prime meat, it’s always baffling how so many of us are on an endless quest for a decent burger. Ground beef mix, quick high flame sear, toasted sesame bun, toppings, sauce and burger me delicious. But sadly BA has been stuck in a world of dry, flat, overcooked, unseasoned mooburgesas that […]